How to Become a Certified AI Engineer?

Did you know that chatGPT, an AI bot, can create non plagiarized art content as well? Moreover, there have even been cases where the AI has been responsible to suggest life saving medical procedures. Artificial intelligence has become the next step towards evolution of technology. Major tech giants have been putting resources into research over creation of multiple AI based products. The search bar that you have in your Netflix app consists of AI elements. When you search for a show, you only have to type a few letters and the AI shows results based on your watch history and the initials typed. This is just a basic example of the use of AI. The AI engineer course teaches developers multiple ways that AI can be used to solve multiple issues.

A lot of people are interested in entering the field of artificial intelligence. Universities have even started to give out UG courses in computer science with specialization in artificial intelligence. But what about the people who have already graduated yet want to join the rail of artificial intelligence. Well, for them, there are multiple degree courses and AI engineer certification that can help them in their journey. These courses are helpful for the people who have the basic knowledge of artificial intelligence and just need to enter into the minute details.

There are several skills required for AI engineer and all of them are worked upon in the AI engineer certification course. We have prepared a full guide on how you can enter the field of AI. So let us take a look at how you can be a certified AI engineer and make your career in this field.

Prerequisites to Be An AI Engineer

Similar to every other profession, there are some requirements that you will need to fulfill for becoming an AI engineer. The prerequisites are set by what kind of role you wish to play in the field of AI. If you wish to be an advisor, you will just need to have a basic degree in STEM fields and knowledge of usage of AI. This shall help you advise companies over what problems they can work on and solve using the AI. On the other hand, the technical field of AI like, AI developer, programmer, game developer, etc. require a lot of time and effort. You will firstly need to have taken basic sciences along with computer programming in your high school. You should have at least an undergraduate degree in computer science. If you wish to learn AI faster, having knowledge of multiple programming languages like python, Java, etc. will come in handy.

Lastly, you will need hands -on experience and a proper certification in AI. You can take up a certificate degree course from a university or from online platforms like Blockchain Council. Blockchain Council has launched their AI course that offers thorough practical and theoretical knowledge. It is a short duration course that lets you have your hands on real projects and earn experience. Mostly, you will require a keen mindset that analyzes problems and then works upon building the solutions using AI.

Role Of An AI Engineer

Now that you have got your eyes set upon becoming an AI engineer, you should have an AI engineer roadmap. First of all, there are certain skills required for AI engineer to be useful to the companies that they work for. The role that you fit in is an analytical and problem solving role. So these are the primary skills that are required for AI engineer. Then comes a good programming mindset and data processing skills that will be useful for you to grow faster in the career.

The role of an AI engineer comprises building AI platforms using machine learning and deep learning neural networks. These are used in various cases like drawing out business insights, creating a search bar for platforms like Netflix, AI based game development, etc. An AI engineer makes use of various tools that will allow him to create algorithms that take information from multiple sources like internet and server data, and then produce the most efficient outcome for the users. Applications that involve visual perception, sentiment analysis, language translation, etc. are all built using AI by the AI engineer.

After proper AI certification, you will understand the role of an AI engineer even better. Courses from platforms like Blockchain Council can help you evolve your problem solving skills. Moreover, they will train you to fit the role of an AI engineer. You can have the AI engineer roadmap cleared out through such comprehensive courses.

Seeking Employment As AI Engineer

The last step towards being a successful AI engineer is seeking employment in a great company. The world is moving forward in terms of technology and companies are looking to create more AI based products. If you have the skills required for AI engineer to build useful platforms, then you shall be hired in a great company. But this is not as easy as it sounds. You will require experience in multiple projects that make use of AI comprehensively. This means that you will need to work upon different projects during your degree and AI engineer course. If you are able to build your own AI software and solve fundamental problems, then the companies will look more into you.

You should start building your resume and add the AI engineer certification and all the projects that you have worked upon in the resume. This will help you prepare a better profile for seeking employment in this field. Secondly, you should also build your own portfolio of the projects that you have worked upon. This will give employers an idea about how good an AI engineer you are. Keeping up with all this can get you a pretty good place in a tech giant.


We have now discussed all the important points that you should keep in your mind. The AI engineer roadmap is not an easy one as you have to continuously keep working on your skills. But the end result of all the hard work is a great placement and peaceful job. Moreover, having an AI certification course from the right place can ease up your path to be an AI engineer. So, choose your steps carefully and make sure that you are entering the field of AI with a great skill set.

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