How to Ace the CELPIP Speaking Test?

CELPIP Speaking Test is the test that assesses the test taker’s proficiency in speaking English. You can score very good marks in this section of the CELPIP exam.

Here are some tips for preparing for the CELPIP exam:

Get familiar with computer

Since this test is computer-based, you will have to answer the question on the computer itself, so you should have above-average computer skills. It is advised that you should attempt a few sample online tests on the computer. This practice will make you proficient in using a mouse and keyboard.

You should be good at speaking over a microphone, so practice this too. This will really help you in the CELPIP exam.

Speak English daily

If you want to enhance your conversation skill, find someone with whom you can converse daily. You can also consider finding a teacher to help you practice speaking English.

Read Instruction carefully

Just before the exam starts, you have some time to prepare, and a few instructions are also provided, which you have to follow.

Utilize this given time for understanding the instructions. After understanding the instructions, take time to organize your thoughts to give answers properly.

Give organized answers

CELPIP speaking test evaluates your conversation skill. You should speak as much as possible, which will help you get a good result. Make sure you stick to the topic and give an answer that is relevant to the topic. Though you can give examples from your personal life, they should be connected to the topic in some way or the other.

Tone and accent

Before you begin the exam:

  1. Make sure that your microphone and other equipment are working properly.
  2. Just relax and start the exam.
  3. Speak clearly and loud enough.
  4. Speak with correct voice modulation and tone, and do not take unnecessary pauses.

You can take the help of the CELPIP speaking template to speak English comfortably, correct grammar, and learn good vocabulary.

Usage of vocabulary

You must present how well versed you are with English as this exam is meant to test this. Use good vocabulary; you can use a few words from the question but do not copy the question entirely, as this will make your response seem unattractive. Present your answers beautifully with correct grammar and vocabulary.

Do not sound mechanical

Rehearsing a few answers is not a bad idea, but when you rely on these answers, you might end up ruining everything and scoring very few marks or even failing. As already said, firstly, understand the question and then answer the question accordingly. Just be natural and give spontaneous answers.

Time management

Managing your time in a way to answer all the questions correctly and in time is the key to success in every exam. Just keep calm and manage your time wisely. Take time to understand the question properly and then answer the question within the time limit.

The secret behind getting successful in the CELPIP exam is proper preparation. Join CELPIP Tests to get professional guidance and help in its preparation.

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