How Primary Care Can Help You Live a Healthy Life

To improve and take care of your health and wellness, you might need a primary care doctor with knowledge and understanding of your wellness goals and health history. From treating your aches and pains, your healthcare provider can offer other comprehensive care services such as counseling, disease prevention, screenings, diagnosis, treatment, etc. Dr. Sudha Challa is the best fit if you want a primary care practitioner who can help you stay healthy. Learn more about primary care and how it can significantly improve your health. 

What Is Primary Care?

Primary care is a medical specialty that provides a range of healthcare services to individuals with a health issue that is not an emergency. It offers various treatments for psychological, physical, and social illnesses for patients of all ages and ethnicities. Also, primary care provides diagnoses and treatment for all ailments, including chronic diseases. With primary care services, you can always contact your healthcare practitioner on any day and entrust them with any information regarding your health.

What Are the Types of Primary Care Practitioners?

Various types of primary care practitioners specialize in providing medical services for a specific group of patients. However, they are all qualified to advise and refer to all patients. 

The primary care doctor, also known as a general practitioner, is the most knowledgeable type of primary healthcare practitioner who offers various medical services at first contact for multiple illnesses. Other primary care providers include:

  • Family practice doctor
  • Internal medicine doctor
  • Pediatricians and gynecologists
  • Nurse practitioners and obstetricians

Remember that non-primary care practitioners do not offer certain comprehensive and first-contact medical services to patients, particularly those with chronic illnesses.

How to Relate With Your Primary Healthcare Provider

Maintaining a good relationship with your healthcare provider is crucial to obtain the most health benefits from primary care. Also, it enhances trust and makes you confident and comfortable while discussing sensitive health information with them. 

When you have a good relationship with your primary care provider, you can accept any advice or recommendation from them without being offended. Remember how each primary care practitioner interacts with patients is unique and different. 

Therefore, it is important to take some time to find a physician that you are most comfortable and happy with. Being comfortable and free with your physician can help you improve your long-term health and well-being.

Benefits of Primary Care Services

Primary care services can benefit patients who aim to improve their overall health. Also, when implemented correctly, they can effectively overload the financial burden experienced by the public health systems. As a result, there will be no need to allocate funds to developing secondary and tertiary healthcare services. Other benefits of primary care services include:

  • Generates accurate and fast diagnosis of illnesses
  • It helps in understanding and eliminating unhealthy lifestyle habits
  • Reduces the need for specialist care
  • Improves the quality of health care

Are you in need of primary care services? Contact Lenox Medical Clinic, family practice, and medical spa clinic, to learn more about primary care and how you can begin your healthcare sessions. Under Dr. Challa’s supervision and guidance, you can improve your health and ask any questions about your health. Call or schedule an appointment through the clinic’s website page.

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