How Pharmaceutical Packaging Affects Your Sales

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to grow, the need for better pharmaceutical packaging solutions increases. Intelligent and effective packaging provides a plethora of benefits to all stakeholders involved in the industry. It helps to ensure safety, provides authenticity, and protects shelf life, to name a few.

But besides that, the proper packaging also influences marketing success. Marketing professionals need to understand how to package pharmaceuticals to ensure their success effectively. Hence, today, there are more reasons than ever to include compliant packaging of your pharmaceutical products.

Importance of Pharmaceutical Packaging 

So, why is pharmaceutical packaging so important all of sudden? It is vital for pharmaceutical packaging to be attractive, safe, compliant, and more in the current day and age. 

The role of packaging was initially seen as something that simply contained a product. But with greater research and development trends and better technology, this is no longer the case. The packaging of pharmaceutical products has to be just as good, if not better, than the actual product itself.

There are several reasons that account for the rise in better packaging solutions for these products. They include the following:

  • Aging Population

The older population, such as those 65 years and above, consumes more drugs than any other age group. That said, this age group is also currently the biggest in size compared to toddlers and children. This means that the older population is greater than, the younger ones.

Hence, there is a greater need to have better and more varied pharmaceutical products to meet their needs. 

  • The rise in Middle-Class Population

Besides the rise in the aging population, recent years have also seen a rise in the middle-class population. This is particularly clear in most developing countries. Therefore, more amounts of individuals have the resources to afford more medication. 

This contributes to the rising need for more medication that is better packaged and enables the growth of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Rise of Specialty Drugs

There is a rising growth of the pharmaceutical industry, mainly through the increased need for specialty drugs, such as marijuana. These are becoming a popular method for managing and treating chronic illnesses or other complex health conditions. Therefore, the rise of these drugs has also increased the need for better medication and packaging. 

  • Key to Drug Stability 

Another reason why it is necessary to have adequate packaging is for the stability of the drug or medication itself. The packaging can protect it from chemical degradation, depreciation, and changes in physical characteristics that may become potentially dangerous when consumed. 

What Determines Effective Packaging?

While the pharmaceutical product itself is the most critical aspect, the packaging is also growing in importance. There are multiple factors that impact the success and effectiveness of pharmaceutical packaging. They include the following: 

  • Ability to Appeal to the Target Market

We have already mentioned how the elderly population is growing and their need for more medication. This is the primary target market of all pharmaceutical companies. Hence, to entice them and meet their needs, the packaging of the pharmaceuticals should be tailored according to them.

This means that the pharmaceutical packaging must be easy to open or seal, have clear dosage instructions and reminders, and clearly highlight the benefits and repercussions of taking and not taking the medication. When these are present, people are more likely to take their medication, improving compliance and enhancing brand perception.

  • Ease of Use

Another factor contributing to successful packaging is how easily it can be opened, sealed, and consumed. The packaging should be easy for them to use; otherwise, the pharmaceutical company runs the risk of creating a poor customer experience and brand perception. 

Some ways to enhance the ease of use of pharmaceutical products include being tear-resistant, having easy locking mechanisms, one-piece turn and push bottles, and more.

  • Safety for Children

While medication and drugs should be easy to use, they should also simultaneously incorporate child-resistant packaging for pharmaceuticals. In other words, the products should be easy, but not so easy that even children can potentially open and consume them. 

Hence, the packaging should include the aforementioned measures, be effective, and be all-around safe for children and adults alike. This will ensure public safety and access to the product.

Final Words

All in all, compliance packaging is a necessity for all pharmaceutical companies. It enhances the safety of the consumers and ensures better brand perception, compliance in taking the medication, better marketing, and overall success of the product.

Medlock can help you provide effective and safe packaging solutions for your pharmaceutical products. We have distribution centers all around Canada and can easily meet your inventory needs. For more information, visit our website today! 

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