How Often Should I Get A Haircut At The Barbershop?

Knowing when it is the perfect time to get a haircut varies for each man, and it depends on various factors like the type of cut or the style of the hair.

Most men get their haircut to feel fresh, clean, and confident while walking out of the barbershop.

In general, hair grows half an inch every month; although this value varies from person to person on average, the value is 6 inches every year.

So the length of the hair primarily decides how often you need to go to the barbershop for a haircut.

Doubting Whether To Get A Haircut?

You must have a haircut more often when you have short hair because shorter hair grows faster, and it is most likely to ruin your hairstyle and make it look messy. So, if you want to rock a short hairstyle with the shortest part of your hair being less than half a-inch, you need to get a haircut at least once in two weeks to keep the cut clean and style on point.

If the shortest portion of your hair is over an inch, you need to have a haircut every three weeks, and if it is of the length of four inches, you need a haircut monthly. Lastly, if the shortest portion of your hair is over eight inches, you should get a haircut once in two months. If you have a fade or undercut hairstyle, the growth of half an inch can change your outlook, so you have to keep shaping it to maintain it.

But if you have a medium-cut on top with classic side tapers, an extra inch would not significantly change the look.

We will discuss some basic guidelines which you can follow to determine the frequency of your visit to the best barber in Denver:

  1. You don’t have to push your budget to get haircuts.
  2. You must obtain a haircut before the hair growth has made it look messy and shabby.
  3. We recommend you book a regular appointment with the best barber in Denver and stick to it constantly to look fresh.

If you are trying to grow your hair, you still should not avoid visiting the barbershop and shaping them at regular intervals.

Best Barber In Denver!

Here are some recommendations of hairstyles that you can get next time you visit the best barber in Denver:

  1. Thick textured crop with a fade.
  2. Thick textured crop with a light fade that compliments the thick beard.
  3. Taper fade with a wavy hair top
  4. A mid fade to go well with the spiky overtop
  5. Low bald fade and a long fringe
  6. High fade in a messy textured hair that goes well with a beard
  7. Mid fade plus Quiff
  8. Faux Hawk Fade
  9. Brush up with a fade and edge up with a well-shaped beard.


We hope you have gotten an idea of when to get a haircut and some styles you might want to try out. Remember, you should avoid waiting for six months or a year for your hair to grow out till it becomes shaggy, rough around the ends, and you look an absolute disaster.

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