How Invisalign Treatment is Helping People Smile More Often

If you are concerned about your smile improvement, whether, for an upcoming interview or a date, you should consider Invisalign which has risen to be the best alternative for braces and the process is significantly more comfortable and easier in more ways than one. Your dentist can determine how this process suits your specific circumstances and advise you appropriately.

The Invisalign process is pretty simple and employs several clear trays that are changed typically once a fortnight to shift the teeth gradually. These trays are made of polyurethane resin (medical grade) in place of metal used in braces enhancing the benefits derived from Invisalign. You will enjoy more flexibility with the removable trays, not only in the feel but also in what you do or eat. In other words, Invisalign makes straighter teeth a more enjoyable option for you. While there is no restriction in terms of age for choosing Invisalign, the trays must be worn for at least 22 hours every day during the course of the treatment. Therefore, if you are considering Invisalign for your child, you must bear in mind this mandatory requirement. You can discuss the same with Etobicoke family dentist if you have any query regarding this requirement.

The following are the major benefits of Invisalign treatment that help people smile with confidence and more frequently.

Less prominent compared to braces

Invisalign treatment uses clear trays that give a snug fit over the teeth, particularly because they are customized for you. When fitted into place, they are virtually invisible. During your normal interactions, most people won’t even notice that you are wearing Invisalign. On the other hand, hiding traditional braces is nearly impossible. Every time your mouth is open for one reason or the other, metal braces become visible. Though this may be okay with some people, most people, particularly the younger population become self-conscious and it is an embarrassment in social circles and workplaces.

Further, whenever there is a special occasion like weddings, family pictures, etc you can simply remove the Invisalign trays and you look your normal self. Once the event is over, you simply put the trays back in place.

No restrictions on what you can eat

With traditional braces, your dentist will give you a long list of food restrictions which will include all things sticky, crunch, and hard. Some of these may include your favorites like chicken wings, popcorn, and similar stuff. These restrictions are essential to prevent potential damage to the braces and chances of injuring your mouth. With kids, in particular, this can be challenging, and denying them popcorn or a sticky candy when you are in a movie theatre can be hard.

Since the Invisalign trays are removable, all these food restrictions simply vanish and anyone choosing Invisalign can enjoy the food they want so long as wearing the trays for 22 hours in a day is accomplished without fail.

Fewer visits to your dentist

With Invisalign, you are typically given several trays during the first visit to your dentist and you can switch the trays every fortnight and visit the dentist at an interval of 4 to 6 weeks only. Conversely, with the traditional braces, if any problem develops with the wire or bracket you may need an emergency visit to the dentist. Invisalign on the other hand ensures that you won’t make unscheduled visits to your dentist and that will save you time as well as reduce stress.

Easier to clean

When it comes to cleaning, Invisalign is a lot easier for the trays as well as your teeth. Traditional braces are not removable and therefore you can only floss or brush around them. The wires can be specifically challenging while flossing and if food particles get stuck, you can have difficulty removing them from the traditional braces. Invisalign poses no such problems dealing with your oral hygiene.


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