How CO2Lift and Carboxy Gel Can Help Alleviate Eczema Symptoms Naturally

What are CO2Lift and Carboxy Gel?

Carboxytherapy is a treatment used today to help treat cellulite, dark under-eye circles, stretch marks, and other skin-related issues typically experienced by individuals. The great thing about carboxytherapy is that it can be used as a treatment for just about anywhere including the arms, face, stomach, neck, buttocks, and legs! Originating back in the 1930s in French spas, carboxytherapy has recently gained traction in the at-home skincare market because it’s minimally invasive and provides great results.

Traditional carboxytherapy is carried out by inserting a fine point needed underneath the surface of the skin and injecting carbon dioxide into it. When the carbon dioxide is injected into those poorly circulated areas of the body, it helps to increase the red blood cells that rush to that area, thus increasing the overall circulation.

The concept of carboxytherapy is relatively simple in theory. It makes the body feel that there is an oxygen deficiency, so when the CO2 is injected into the body, the body naturally responds by sending more red blood cells and increasing the overall blood flow to that area. Over time, the blood vessels begin to widen and the increase in oxygen also helps to restore cells as well as their overall appearance.

Carboxy Gel Treatment, however, is a great alternative to carboxytherapy that is entirely non-invasive to users. CO2Lift, a company that specializes in at-home carboxy treatments, created carboxy gel as an alternative to carboxytherapy for those who wish to have a less invasive form of treatment. Carboxy gel goes on in a mask form and is a great alternative to carboxytherapy used to help revive your skin’s natural radiance in under an hour! The best part? There is absolutely no downtime required. Overall, you can expect carboxy gel to improve your skin’s overall elasticity, alleviate eczema symptoms, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase overall skin hydration, and so much more!

What Are Common Symptoms of Eczema?

If you tend to have dry, sensitive, and sometimes itchy skin, these are all common symptoms of eczema. According to the Mayo Clinic, eczema, otherwise known as atopic dermatitis, is a condition that causes the skin to become inflamed, leaving a dry and itchy feeling. Eczema typically comes in flare-ups; however, it is a chronic condition. Typical symptoms of eczema are outlined below.

  • Thickened skin
  • Skin dryness
  • Itchiness
  • Small bumps
  • Sensitive and extremely raw skin due to scratching.

Many people today suffer from eczema, and more often than not it tends to go untreated. There also isn’t really any definitive treatment for eczema aside from moisturizing regularly and following other skincare routines.

How Can CO2Lift and Carboxy Gel Help Alleviate Symptoms of Eczema Naturally?

Luckily, CO2Lift’s carboxy gel treatment has been linked to alleviating symptoms of eczema naturally! The one-of-a-kind carboxy gel uses the power of carbon dioxide to help stimulate the skin’s overall circulation and blood flow, as mentioned previously. However, the carboxy gel also helps to increase dry skin’s overall hydration by 11% and works to relieve itchiness and irritation. The carboxy gel also helps to reduce overall inflammation of the skin, which is a common symptom of eczema, as well. Last, but certainly not least, the carboxy gel helps to smooth away those painful red bumps and the overall crusty skin texture left from itching the irritated areas.

If you suffer from dry, irritated skin, or have been diagnosed with eczema, carboxy gel treatment may be a great option for you! Not only will it help to improve your skin’s overall appearance, but it will help to relieve some of the painful symptoms associated with eczema, as well. Learn more about carboxy gel treatment or get started today.

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