How Can You Benefit From Digital Dentistry To Improve Your Oral Health?

Advancements in technology revolving around dentistry highlight new ways of diagnosing and planning treatments more efficiently. Thanks to Koreatown digital dentistry, your dentist can easily complete a procedure in a few minutes. During digital dentistry, your dentist uses computer-based dental devices to enhance the patient experience. 

You will not need to go through manual steps during treatment, thus creating a more comfortable session and a faster and automated treatment process. Read the following discussion to learn about the different advancements in digital dentistry and how they can benefit your oral health.

Intraoral Scanners

Your dentist can use intraoral scanners to check your oral health better and identify potential issues in your oral health that may require treatment. Intraoral cameras have the advantage of magnification, where your tooth will appear big enough on a screen to allow better viewing. Your dentist can use these scanners to take digital impressions of your teeth, which may be useful in creating crowns, fixed partial dentures, and aligners.

Digital X-rays

During digital dentistry, you can benefit from digital radiography, which uses electronic sensors and ionizing radiation to produce clear images of your teeth and dental impressions. Your dentist can view, print and assess these scans while you are in your chair during treatment. Digital X-rays are faster in viewing your jaws, teeth roots, and bones anchoring your teeth, and your dentist can immediately see the images on a computer screen. Your dentist can easily store and share these digital files when needed. Additionally, digital X-rays emit less radiation than traditional ones.

Cancer Screening Tools

Your doctor may not easily notice signs indicating cancer during your oral exams. Also, oral cancer may not show any symptoms at its onset. Digital fluorescence can help your dentist notice abnormalities that could indicate cancer. Early diagnosis will help your dentist treat oral cancer early.

Digitally Guided Implant Surgery

Your dentist can benefit from the invention of a digitally guided implant surgery because it helps them to identify the precise location for an implant. Your dentist will then be able to effectively place your implant in the specific jawbone structure with the help of intraoral scanners. Digitally guided implant surgery reduces the risk of complications such as implant failure and infections.

What Are The Benefits of Digital Dentistry?

There are several benefits to digital dentistry. First, your dentist can accurately diagnose and treat oral diseases in their early stages. Digital radiographs will accurately display your teeth and oral anatomy, making it easy to identify potential issues. Secondly, digital dentistry can reduce time and costs as you do not have to wait days for your dentist to create your restoration. Lastly, digital dentistry will improve your experience, and you may find it more comfortable than traditional procedures.

Digital dentistry can make dental visits much faster, safer, more reliable, and more comfortable. Digital dentistry involves computer-based technology your dentist uses to check, diagnose, and treat oral health. You can benefit from digital X-rays, intraoral scanners, cancer screening tools, and digitally guided implant surgery. 

Your dentist will be able to diagnose oral health issues before they progress and treat them in their initial stages when they are easy to treat. Additionally, you can receive the best dental implant experience when your dentist uses digitally guided implant surgery to place implants on your jawbone.

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