How Can I Retain Proof to File a Personal Injury Claim After an Accident

Being involved in an accident is traumatic for the driver as well as the passengers of the vehicle. Not only are you physically affected, but you might develop mental problems like anxiety Hale Law and depression too. You will be mentally, physically, and financially drained in times like these. This means hospital bills, medications, and whatnot! 

You have to be rightfully compensated for all of these, but the process is not really that easy. The insurance company is never on your side. Remember that. They will try to get you to settle for the least amount possible. A personal injury attorney from the Rubinstein Law Firm will help you get the money you fairly deserve!

What can I do to produce more proof?

  • Take photos and videos.

Click as many pictures as you like of the accident site. You need not call a professional photographer; your cellphone with a camera is more than enough for this. Take pictures of your injuries as well. It is vital to convince the jurors of the severity of your injuries. As you recover, take pictures of your injuries; they will help you substantiate your pain.

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  • Get a police report.

Ask the responding police officer to give you a report of the accident. Anyone can access it, and using it to prove your case might strengthen your chances of winning. They are not the deciding factors to build your case but will serve as a great basis for an investigation.

  • Get witness statements

If you saw someone witnessing your accident, ask for their contact information. They will be of great help to you in front of the jurors. They will testify on your behalf and offer unbiased information. Eyewitnesses are the strongest form of evidence, given they are unbiased. So, do not forget to ask!

  • Get medical scans and reports.

Documenting the severity of your injuries will help you strengthen your claim. Try to get either a CT scan or an MRI based on the type of your injuries to show the court that you were actually hurt. Not only that, if you do not give the jurors a chance to take your injuries seriously, they simply will not. So, to be on the safer side, get medical reports.

  • Save the physical injuries properly.

Do not let go of the clothes, accessories, or anything you had on your person at the time of your accident. The lawyer might use all of these as evidence to prove your case. Sometimes, some things like blood stains or any tears in the clothes might also help you!

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