How A Devops Automation Engineer Can Help A Company Flourish

Getting into new technologies, and being able to cut down on production costs, and times is a must for the modern market. The biggest problem though, that plenty of companies have is that they have no idea where they want to start. A common mistake is to bring in a devops automation engineer, and ask them to perform miracles for your company without necessarily providing an accurate sense of direction to this person. Even if this engineer has worked in similar settings before there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to provide the right type of solutions for your company.

That’s not to say that you should go ahead and forgo the hiring of new personnel. It’s just that before you go through the hiring process the least that you can do as a company is figuring out what current process you’d like to be able to optimize. When you figure this first issue out you may come to another relization. Is it really worth it to bring someone in full-time for this type of project? Couldn’t you just outsource the project to a company that offers similar solutions? We can say that there’s no one right answer. It’s all about finding what works for your particular business

What Can A Devops Automation Engineer Do For Your Company?

In general, what an automation engineer should be able to do for the company is to opmitze all sorts of processes. What this should do is lower production costs. Simply put, to prove their worth an automation engineer should provide a positive return on investment for the company. One of the issues though that companies need to consider is that automation can be a never ending process.

There are always going to be software updates to implement. New technology that maybe isn’t even available today will become an industry norm a couple of years down the line. For companies, this can mean that software updates represent an open wound that just bleeds cash all of the time. Here is where the next question that we’re going to put on the table really becomes relevant. Click here to learn more.

Outsourcing or In-House Staff  

You could go out and hire a devops automation engineer for your company. That can work really well when you have a clear idea of what your particularl needs area. You just need to bring someone in to help you execute them. The other option that’s going to be on the table is to outsource the issue. Working with a company that offers automation services can have its set of benefits of well. For one, you’re typicaly going to have more eyes looking at the problem. You can then craft specific solutions for your company even if you have necessarily looked into these areas of opportunity previously.

As is the case with dilemmas there are pros and cons to any solution. Price wise though, getting help from an external company could end up making more sense down the line. While not putting as much pressure on a single company employee.

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