HOVSCO Electric Bikes Accessories

HOVSCO Electric Bikes have various features to help you get the best ride. These include LCD digital panel, trip odometer and a trip timer. The trip odometer records the total distance you have traveled on the bike. Moreover, the trip timer keeps track of the time taken for a particular ride. HOVSCO makes a variety of different electric bikes, which are great for commuting or exploring a new area. They offer fat tire e-bikes, step-through frame models, city commuters, eMTBs and folding models. In addition to their e-bikes, HOVSCO offers a variety of other electric bike accessories to enhance your riding experience.

HovAlpha Step-Over Fender Set

The HovAlpha step-through electric bike is a premium step-through e-bike that delivers pedal assistance of up to 28 mph. Its 960Wh 48V lithium-ion battery can provide up to two hours of range and can be configured to ride in either Class 2 (20 mph) or Class 3 (28 mph) modes.

This fender set is specially designed to fit the HovAlpha Step-Thru model. It fits perfectly and offers maximum protection from weather elements. It also adds visual class to your electric bike. This kit also includes the necessary mounting hardware.

Rear Racks for ebikes

HOVSCO rear racks for e bikes are designed to make the process of transporting your electric bicycle as easy as possible. They are designed to be convenient and easy to use, and can make it possible to use your electric bike anywhere, even on public roads. Many models come with racks, so you can easily store your bike while not in use. When using an ebike, it’s important to follow local laws.

HOVSCO rear racks feature a built-in reflector and bright red LEDs to make it easy to see behind you. The light attaches easily to the rear rack, and is waterproof and long-lasting. The light automatically boosts as you brake, so you can see where you’re going.

The platform of an ebike rack is usually near the ground, so loading an ebike onto it is easier. Some models have a built-in ramp, and others have one that you can purchase separately.

HOVSCO Rear Rack Tail Light

The HOVSCO Rear Rack Tail Light for electric bike uses bright red LEDs and a built-in reflector to increase visibility for other road users. It is easy to install and is made of durable plastic. It also automatically boosts its brightness when you stop riding. The rear rack light can be attached to any HOVSCO bike rack.

HOVSCO has announced a new line of affordable electric bikes called HovRanger. This new line of e-bikes is geared towards utility rather than style, making it an excellent option for people on a tight budget. The HovRanger Mountain E-Bike is designed for urban use, unlike conventional eMTBs, and is ideal for city commutes.

Baskets for ebikes

The HOVSCO Baskets for electric bikes are an easy way to transport your items when you are out on the road. These convenient baskets are designed to fit most EBikes and other popular bicycle brands. In addition, they have plenty of space for your most used items. You can use them to store groceries, bicycle tools, and other items that you would need to take with you.

Electric bikes are great alternatives to cars, and they also are safe for beginners. They are also environmentally friendly and designed for comfort. They can help you get up hills, avoid traffic, and save money on fuel. They are also a great way to get around town without having to worry about parking and safety.

HOVSCO has a full line of electric bikes, including the HovRanger line. This line includes a sturdy commuter, a mountain bike, and an affordable electric-assist model. The HovRanger is designed for comfort and utility, and it comes with a two-year warranty and a 15-day return policy.

HOVSCO electric bikes come with baskets on the front and step-over rear racks. They are also useful for long-distance trips. For long-distance travel, the long-distance Hovsco ebikes can help reduce the amount of time and stress of driving in traffic. Electric bikes are also quiet and comfortable, and unlike traditional bicycles, they don’t require a lot of maintenance.


Hovsco electric bikes are the latest in e-bike technology. They feature two-wheel drive and a powerful motor. They’re also remarkably lightweight, weighing around fifty pounds. They’re easy to handle, even for people of average fitness and strength. They are designed for easy and comfortable transportation in cities and other urban environments.

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