Houses for Rent in Tampa FL Under 900


Finding a suitable and affordable rental home can be a challenging task, especially in popular cities like Tampa, Florida. However, with a bit of research and knowledge of the local rental market, it is possible to discover houses for rent that fit within a budget of $900 or less. In this article, we will explore the options available for individuals seeking affordable rental homes in Tampa, FL.

Tampa’s Rental Market

Tampa is a vibrant city known for its warm climate, beautiful beaches, and thriving job market. As a popular destination for both residents and tourists, the demand for rental properties remains high. However, with a bit of persistence and a comprehensive search, it is still possible to find rental homes that offer affordability without compromising on quality.

Options for Rental Homes Under $900

  1. Single-Family Homes: While the rental market in Tampa predominantly consists of apartments and condominiums, there are single-family homes available for rent within the $900 budget range. These homes often offer more space and privacy compared to apartment living, making them an attractive option for families or those who prefer a standalone residence.
  2. Studio or One-Bedroom Apartments: Studio apartments or small one-bedroom units are an excellent choice for individuals or couples seeking affordable housing options. These apartments typically offer a compact living space but can still provide the comfort and amenities needed for a comfortable lifestyle. Many apartment complexes in Tampa offer competitive rental rates, allowing renters to stay within their budget.
  3. Shared Accommodations: Renting a room within a shared accommodation can be an affordable alternative for individuals on a tight budget. Many homeowners or renters in Tampa are open to renting out a spare room, providing an opportunity to live in desirable areas at a lower cost. Platforms like and Craigslist can be valuable resources for finding shared accommodations within the desired price range.
  4. Suburban Neighborhoods: Expanding the search to the outskirts or suburban areas of Tampa can yield more affordable rental options. While these neighborhoods may require a slightly longer commute, they often offer larger rental homes or apartments at more budget-friendly rates. It is essential to consider factors such as transportation options, proximity to amenities, and safety when exploring suburban rental options.

Utilizing Online Rental Platforms

Online rental platforms such as Zillow,, and can be valuable tools for finding affordable rental homes in Tampa. These platforms allow users to customize their search based on price, location, and property type. By setting the maximum rent to $900, potential renters can view available listings that fit within their budget.

Working with Local Real Estate Agents or Property Management Companies

Engaging with local real estate agents or property management companies specializing in rentals can provide access to a wider range of rental homes in Tampa. These professionals have in-depth knowledge of the local market and can help identify suitable options within the desired price range. They can also guide renters through the application process and assist with any questions or concerns.


Finding an affordable rental home in Tampa, FL, under $900 is indeed possible with careful research, persistence, and utilizing various resources. Single-family homes, studio or one-bedroom apartments, shared accommodations, and suburban neighborhoods are all potential options to consider. Online rental platforms and working with local real estate professionals can streamline the search process and increase the chances of finding a suitable and affordable rental home in Tampa.

Remember to consider factors beyond price, such as location, amenities, and transportation, to ensure the chosen rental home aligns with your needs and lifestyle. With a proactive approach and a thorough search, individuals can find affordable housing options that allow them to enjoy all that Tampa has to offer without breaking the bank.

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