Hold Control When Playing Mobile Ceme at IDN Poker and Win

Mobile ceme at IDN Poker is already well-known as a type of betting game that makes a profit. But often it is also difficult to master this betting game, are you one of them? If yes, let’s know how to play and also the details here.

Broadly speaking, traveling ceme is a type of game that is not much different from ceme in general. However, there are different rules regarding the dealer, where in ceme around the position of the dealer will change depending on the player’s ability in terms of the balance they have. So it is certain that the output of the game will also be different.

Another language for ceme is Domino or Dominus which can be interpreted as a house in Italian literature. In ancient times this ceme game was used as an offering for the Chinese emperor and could only be played by people in the kingdom.

It’s no wonder that this betting game is so well known to the world community, because every part of the world has a history of this betting. From Italy to Asia, ceme has been known in Indonesia for a long time. The local language is probably Gapleh or balak 6.

Ceme Around IDN Poker in General

The point that makes this type of game tend to be played more by members of online betting sites is because of a higher profit rate. In ordinary ceme, it is clear that the role of the dealer is only held by one person, whereas changing the dealer in each session will have an immediate effect.

Whether it affects in terms of profit, or in terms of strategy that must be used by all players. Especially if someone plays as a dealer he has several advantages including:

  • The advantage of getting all the bets in one game is if you have Qiu or 9. As is well known, regardless of the value of the player’s cards, if the dealer has Qiu, they will still lose. And the dealer will automatically win, as well as take all the bets that are on the game table.
  • Being the center of the game, ceme is basically a game to beat the dealer. This is because a player’s wins and losses in ceme depend on the cards in hand and the cards from the dealer.

These two advantages cannot be owned by an ordinary player. Therefore, when playing ceme around, you will definitely feel a much different sensation than before, because of the rotation of this role as a dealer.

Understand the Basic Ceme Rules

Because it has almost the same rules, you also need to know how to play ceme if you want to make a profit at the Domino Dealer (Ceme Keliling). By understanding the rules that apply in the game, you can be straightforward in making any necessary decisions when betting.

The maximum number of players who will participate at the betting table is 8 and a minimum of 2. The dealer position in ordinary ceme will always be in the middle of the table, while for Domino Dealer the dealer position will rotate clockwise.

Wins and losses are determined by the cards in hand and the cards owned by the dealer. For example, if in one round you have a total of 7 cards while the dealer has 8, then you lose. Or if you are 2 and dealer 1 then the player wins, it’s different if the dealer gets 9 automatically wins and all players lose.

Then bets will also be placed in one turn. Because there are only three sessions in ceme, namely the distribution of bets followed by the distribution of cards, then opening the cards and getting the final result. So the players have to think carefully about the strategy to play in the long term.

The point to remember is to always pay attention to the end result of the previous game. The current number of cards and also the possible total card value from the dealer.

Relatively Fast Match Cycle

The main attraction when playing mobile or regular ceme is the tempo of the game. Generally, in other card games in one game it might take a lot of time, for example, poker, if we estimate that in one game or session it takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

This is because in poker online there are several phases such as preflop, flop, turn and river. In contrast to ceme, where there are only 3 phases of betting, opening cards and final results. This means that you can withdraw profits in quantity in the Domino Dealer game, if you haven’t mastered the game in quality.

So there is also a great possibility for betting players who have just joined to feel the sweetness of money from this game. The question is, do you understand the arrangement or set of cards that will bring victory? Or is it just a comparison of numbers?

In mobile and regular ceme games, it will be known that each set of cards can provide a big bonus. Apart from losing and winning, we will explain in the following discussion.

Set of Jackpot Cards on Ceme

There are also advantages besides winning, namely the jackpot from every arrangement of cards that you and the dealer might get. Usually in every ceme game, whether it’s a dealer or an ordinary player, there will be an option to make an additional bet to get the jackpot.

Many betting players and bookies have missed the opportunity to get this jackpot, whether it’s a big or small jackpot. Because they are reluctant to increase the value of the bet, even though the additional bet is only 100-500. But the amount of the jackpot can be up to tens or even hundreds of millions of Rupiah.

The following is the entire composition of the jackpot cards in the ceme game:

Take advantage of the opportunity to get more cash by knowing each set of jackpot cards below:

  1. Balak : this type of jackpot is where the dealer and player get the same card, namely in the number of points or even if both parts of the card are empty. the jackpot value is 200 x the bet value for the jackpot.
  2. 6 Dewa : to get it the player and the dealer must have the type of card up and down point 6. This set is very rare, because in one pack of dominoes, there will only be 4 dot 6 cards in two parts. So that the profit value reaches 6666 times the total bet placed for the jackpot.
  3. Pure Big : while for this type of jackpot, you and the dealer must reach a total set of 39 and 43 cards. When it comes to pure big jackpots, there will only be one winner, you have the opportunity to get 50 times the value of the bet.
  4. Pure Small : the jackpot that most betting players get, where to get your card and the dealer must have a total of 6 or 9. The jackpot value is the same as pure big, which is 50 times.

Of the four types of jackpots, the last two will always be easier to get. Meanwhile, a log of 6 or 6 gods is a very rare type of jackpot, but you still have the potential to get it.

It’s actually quite simple if you want to feel getting this jackpot. You just have to be prepared to set aside a portion of your balance for an additional bet on the jackpot. The more intensely you play, the wider the chance to get the jackpot.

Earning Profits at Mobile Ceme 2022

In depth, it can be seen that this mobile ceme does have greater potential when compared to the usual types in terms of profit. You must have felt the profit that the dealer gets in an ordinary ceme game session, right? Maybe the dealer loses to 3-4 players, but he earns money from the rest of the players because he loses from his cards.

For example, the total bet is IDR 100,000 divided between 4 players, two players betting 20k, 10k, 30k and 40k. If you lose to players who bet 20k and 10k, but win from players 30k and 40k. It’s clear that you will benefit too, even though the difference is not bad.

In this game, you have to really take advantage of your turn to become a dealer. Because you can make a decent profit, especially when it’s accompanied by betting for the jackpot at once.

But if you still want to play it safe, the rules also provide concessions. That is, if a player does not meet the requirements to become a dealer in terms of his balance, then that player will be passed over to become a dealer.

That means you can still play like ceme in general. And the usual ceme tips and tricks work well here too.

The Best Mobile Ceme City IDN Poker

The general rules as well as every opportunity for profit are listed above, all you have to do is know IDNPoker as the best mobile ceme dealer in Indonesia. Through the best betting sites you can play this bet there.

So when you want to start betting and you really want to make money, especially at ceme or mobile ceme. You can only focus on playing at IDN Poker, through the best poker site links.

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