Highly Accurate Data Annotation & Data Labeling Services by Experts, Here in the UK

In London or across the UK, if you’re looking for the services of a specialist in data annotation, there’s a name that instantly crops up in your mind, and that is “Aya Data”, which is a famed data labeling company. Today, data annotation services are required extensively in the exclusive domain of robotics, in drone technology, in traffic management, in the healthcare industry and for self-driving vehicles. It is basically to train their machine learning and computer vision models to understand the real meaning and sentiment of the raw data (text, images and videos) provided to openculture

It is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) based learning methods, wherein your machine or system is trained to extract only the essential and valuable information from data. So, you need to hire only a certified data annotation company for the job, as it requires a high-level of precision, technology and accuracy to perform the task of labeling data.

Data Annotation is the Bedrock of Any Machine Learning Initiative

It is actually the process of labeling raw data in different formats like text, videos, audios and images. This helps in a perfectly ‘supervised’ machine learning initiative, by training your computer to understand the real meaning of the ‘available’ data sets. Well, at some point of time, you do require the services of human labeling experts, but the bulk of the task is executed by machines. The goal is to achieve a higher level of autonomy through AI-based data sets. In almost all large organizations in the public and private sector, data annotation & labeling is required to boost the performance of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models, by training machines.

Types of Annotation Services

When you hire the services of specialist data annotation companies in the UK, or anywhere else, you can always expect the standardized methods of data labeling. It is through technologies like Bounding Boxes, Semantic Segmentation, Sentiment Analysis, Polygonal Segmentation, 3D Cuboids, Content & Text Categorization, Named Entity Recognition (NER), etc. These are some of the specialized techniques. Now, coming to the basic types of annotation services.

Image Annotation – It is the process of labeling an image by assigning a Metadata as a key phrase to a digital image that you want your computer or machine to recognize. An efficient image annotation is only possible when you’re using advanced tools that help create the most accurate bounding boxes around images, in order to help a machine understand the intended meaning, and thereby label it accordingly.

Video Annotation – It is the method of making video clips understandable and recognizable to Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning models. This helps in accurately identifying moving objects, by labeling & tagging the videos in a ‘frame-by-frame’ manner for easy segmentation and identification. Such services are mostly required by city traffic departments, law enforcement agencies, self-driving cars and core government organizations that use drones.

Audio Annotation – In audio or speech annotation, huge volumes of audio-based data are fed directly into the system, for making computers/machines understand the actual sentiments, intentions, linguistics and phonetics. This is how systems are trained to understand the real meaning of human audio. It is used in Chatbots, translation systems and ‘real time’ virtual assistants.

Text Annotation – A data annotation system that is customized and tasked for creating systematic summary of the text input that is created within the document, by analyzing the ‘system fed’ data. It is fully compatible with the newest trends in lang and other languages that are used by people.

This is how any data annotation or data labeling service works globally. It is all about acclimatizing and training computer vision and machine learning models of vast organizations and critical business citizennews.

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