Here Is What You Ought To Know About Dental Veneers

Do you want to conceal a crack, stains, chipping, and other dental imperfections? You probably want to transform your smile into an amazing and beautiful thing. You can achieve such a transformation with midtown east cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

Your dentist can recommend dental veneers that cover the front part of your teeth and hide dental imperfections. Dental veneers can address most aesthetic concerns and drastically improve your smile. Here is a discussion highlighting more details on dental veneers.

Who Requires Veneers?

You can benefit from dental veneers if you want to improve your smile. Veneers can hide chipped teeth, diastema in your smile, misshapen teeth, and teeth too small. After a teeth whitening procedure that does not improve your stains, you can seek veneers.

Veneers will only work for you if you are free from extensive gum disease and cavities. You may need to address serious oral health conditions before seeking dental veneers. Since dental veneers are cosmetic, they can conceal several dental imperfections that affect your aesthetics.

What Happens Before Your Treatment?

Before your treatment, your dentist examines your gums and teeth to determine if you are right for the treatment. You will then need teeth preparation, where your dentist removes small amounts of enamel. Then, your dentist will make impressions of your teeth and use them to make impressions for your veneers.

Your dentist may need a few weeks to complete your dental veneers. Meanwhile, your dentist may place temporary veneers on your teeth. Once they are ready, you can come back and have your placement.

What Can You Expect On Your Second Visit?

Your dentist will confirm the fit of your veneers before permanently bonding them to your teeth. Next, your dentist will check your bite and may make adjustments if necessary. You can let your dentist know if you want to change anything about your veneers.

You will require no downtime after having your dental veneers. You may resume regular activities as soon as after your treatment. Also, you can eat and drink anything after your anesthesia wears off.

Will You Require Special Care With Dental Veneers?

Your doctor will recommend continuing your regular oral hygiene practices. You will continue brushing and flossing while keeping up with regular dental appointments. You may also need a soft brush and whitening agents to avoid scratching your veneers.

Your doctor may ask you to avoid biting onto hard surfaces with your veneers. Although veneers are stain-resistant, your doctor recommends avoiding dark-colored beverages and red wine. Dark-colored foods may stain your dental veneers slowly.

Are There Advantages To Getting Dental Veneers?

After your treatment with dental veneers, you can enjoy several benefits. First, you may notice a dramatic enhancement in your smile. Veneers blend in with your natural teeth to give you a natural look.

Also, veneers resist stains better than natural enamel and may protect your teeth. You will not require any additional maintenance aside from regular practices. Dental veneers can last up to 10 years and longer with proper care.

Dental veneers are a great way to boost your smile and increase your confidence. They can effectively treat most dental concerns for both aesthetic and restorative reasons. Before choosing the treatment, your doctor will evaluate you and determine its suitability.

After getting your treatment, your doctor will still recommend continuing your regular hygiene practices. You can then have your follow-up appointments to check on treatment progress. Talk to your doctor if you feel you can benefit from dental veneers.

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