Here Are Why Integrated Marketing is Effective for Your Business

You want to be on top of your audience’s mind when running a business, right? That is why you need integrated marketing. People become increasingly reliant on technology, requiring your business and brands to craft marketing strategies for multiple channels. And that cannot be solved only by digital marketing, let alone traditional marketing or omnichannel marketing.

Since integrated marketing is here to stay, let’s uncover why this strategy is here to stay and why it is an effective marketing strategy for your business.

But, what is integrated marketing and its main goal?

Integrated marketing is a marketing strategy that emphasises a consistent, seamless, and multichannel brand experience for your audience.

Why does integrated marketing must be consistent, seamless, and available on more than one channels?

As we mentioned, today’s world is more connected than ever, making consumers living their real life and the digital world side by side. When they see your funny ad on the printed channel, they want to explore further about the campaign or the brand behind it on their phones. In simpler term, they want to see you on multiple channels.

Also, when they see your QR code on your printed marketing collaterals, they want it to directly bring them to what you offer—a seamless experience.

And last but not least, when you employ integrated marketing, your audience wants them to be consistent. They want a familiar landing page and offer when they enter your digital home through your QR code, search engines, or digital ads. That means your branding effort should be presented in a consistent and similar style that amplifies your business.

All in all, an integrated marketing agency in Singapore sums it best in which this marketing strategy will provide an outstanding brand experience that attracts your audience while simultaneously connecting with them.

4 reasons why integrated marketing is effective for business

After learning about this marketing strategy, it is safe to say that its power is quite unmatched. There are four reasons why a company should consider integrated marketing as their marketing ploy.

Reach a wider audience

Integrated marketing can help you reach a wider audience. Performing this marketing ploy means you will have to spread the message about your brands or campaigns on more than one marketing channel.

You will spread the words on your website, socials, digital partnership with content creators or influencers. Also, don’t forget about the traditional channel, such as on printed media (do not forget to put your QR code there for a seamless experience).

Hold on, just because we’re talking about print media, that does not mean integrated marketing is not a cost-effective tactic. Suppose you do not fancy the fee of including printed media in your integrated campaign; you can go for the digital-only route.

The digital marketing agency in Singapore provides the best example of performing the digital-only route for integrated marketing, such as:

  • Hold a social media contest
  • Link the contest to the campaign’s landing page
  • Perform SEO optimisations for the landing page of the contest
  • Reach online publications to talk about the contest
  • Create a video marketing for socials or YouTube
  • Collaborate with content creators regarding the contest

More conversions!

With reaching a broader audience, consistent and seamless experience you offer, you will keep your brand on top of your audience’s mind. They see you on multiple channels and unknowingly enjoy the consistent and pleasant experience of your campaign. That will push more of them closer to conversions.

Why? Because you are there— from the beginning of the customer’s journey until the very end!

Brand awareness and build trust with your audience

Integrated marketing is an efficient approach for your brand awareness while building the trustworthiness of your brand in front of your audience’s eyes. One of the cores of this ploy is consistency. Seeing a brand’s consistent message and visuals on multiple channels will quickly make them associate it with a brand.

Do not get it wrong. Consistency does not mean a lack of creativity. What we mean by consistency is not painting a single colour palette or using the same picture across all media. The epitome of integrated marketing is providing a consistent feel and look without looking boring.

Better results, better growth

Integrated marketing transforms your campaigns into a movement across multiple channels. What that means in today’s world is your audience will encounter the campaign on their real-life or digital surfs. The successful integrated campaign will bring:

  • New customers
  • Better brand recognition
  • Driving brand loyalty for existing customers

In short, if you implement the best practice of integrated marketing, it will help you to succeed.

The bottom line of why integrated marketing is a great ploy

  • It is a strategy that encourages your campaign to be consistent, provide a pleasant experience, and can be seen on more than one channel
  • Based on one of many agencies that offer branding strategy in Singapore, it is excellent to boost brand awareness and loyalty
  • A sure-fire way of increasing conversions if you implement it correctly

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