Here Are the Top Five Important VoIP Features

If you want to have a business communication that is cost-effective but still offers excellent services, then hiring VOIP services is your friend. Its cloud telephony model has changed the dynamics of business communication in many senses.

We all never had the chance to feel so empowered and revolutionized the way we think with business VoIP phone service. The credit for this goes to impeccable features that the world never witnessed before. Helping us almost every operational front, these features have made things easier and streamlined.

If you’re using VoIP or planning to use it in the future, having a detailed understanding of some of its must-have features is much needed to ensure maximum and upright usage of them. Here are some of the essential features of VoIP phone service and a quick overview of each:

  •   IVR or Interactive Voice Monitoring

Though it’s a fundamental feature, its impact is profound and useful. With the help of this feature, a business can set a pre-recorded voice message providing you guidance and helping you to reach the right destination.

  •   Auto Call Attendant

If you want to improve your customer satisfaction and ensure no caller has to wait for a long time, then ‘Auto Call Attendant’ is your best ally. With the help of this cloud telephony feature, you can do auto call transferring without taking the help of a telephone operator or receptionist. So, it cut down the call processing cost as well.

As soon as call coms, the caller will listen to a pre-recorded message telling them the allotted extension numbers. Customers can press the appropriate amount, and the call will be auto-transferred to the agents deployed for that department.

You experience it when you call your phone service provider or any customer care phone number. You hear a message saying ‘For bill related enquires- Press 1’. This is an auto call attendant.

  •   In-Call Monitoring

If you run a call center, then the In-Call Monitoring feature of your virtual phone system is nothing but a blessing in disguise. With the help of this feature, you can easily do live call monitoring without letting anyone know about it.

It is often known as Call Barging as well. It is a potent tool for team leaders and managers as they can find out their team members’ productivity in the best and easiest possible manner.

  •   Integration with other tools

You need a whole village to run a business. Yes, a company has a different department working together and cloud telephony offers an easy way to maintain the balance between all these departments.

This way out is integration with multiple tools and applications. By using this facility of Virtual Phone System, you can integrate any third-party device or form with your existing infrastructure and enjoy hassle-free operations.

  •   Find Me/Follow Me

With the help of this feature, you can be sure that you are not going to miss any call. They both are call forwarding features that allow you to pick calls from anywhere and reach out to the customers from multiple phone numbers.

  •   Voicemail Transcription

Voicemail transcription feature is here to offer you quick and reliable voicemail-to-email conversation and answer all the voicemails without any hassles.

  •   Unified Communication

With the help of unified communication, you can connect your customers in every possible manner. This feature of your business VoIP phone service offers you facilities like live chat, IMs, e-mail, SMS, web-conferencing, voicemail, and chatbots along with conventional voice call facility.

  •   Video Conferencing

If you are planning to have a remote work facility as an option, then video conferencing is one feature that is going to make this more comfortable and better. With the help of this feature, you can arrange online meetings and add multiple participants. This can also be used for customer interactions.

  •   Global Connect

For businesses expanding at a global level, Global Connect is pure bliss. With the help of this feature, you can maintain a balance between the two different time zones. For instance, if you run a call center in Asia for your US-based business, then Global Connect will help you find out the exact time in the targeted zone and tell you when you should call.


Not every call is urgent, and DND or Do Not Disturb is what you need to avoid those calls. DND stops the requests from a number that you have been listed. 

Gist of all

There is no second opinion that VoIP has made things far better and advanced at the business communication front. Its features are pervasive and have all the powers to empower your business in no time. However, all of this is going to happen only if you are getting the right kind of cloud telephony service.

Any ordinary VoIP phone service will not be equipped with such kind of growth-driven features. With that, you have to make a compromise. So, make sure you are getting your business VoIP phone facility from a trusted service provider only.

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