Get to Know About Choosing the Right Lawn Mower

You may be a bachelor living a carefree life in your own house, alone. But now your girlfriend’s family wants to meet you and it’s time to impress. You may be a homemaker content in managing the house and keep it sparkling clean. But your neighbor’s lawn is a source of constant envy to you. Or you are just one of those who like symmetry in nature. Whatever type of person you may be, mowing your lawn is not exactly a very beckoning chore, is it? But it is a necessary one, nonetheless. So cut down on those potato wafers a bit and go for a reliable lawn mower today! Do some research online, especially those that provide the best riding lawn mower reviews.


Some of the common features you can find in almost riding mowers are follows:

  1. Suitable for a large lawn – Small lawns can be managed with a hand mower while large lawns may pose a problem. The excess energy that would have been used to push a hand mower all around is saved on a riding mower as you can sit on it and mow.
  2. Compact – These mowers are not gigantic like tractor mowers. They can be easily stored in your house or the garden-shed.
  3. Environmental friendly – They do not have large engines and thus do not create much noise. This makes riding mower a good option for private dwellings with surrounding houses too.
  4. Reel mowers – The reel refers to the blade that actually cuts the grass. It usually is cylindrical in shape, with one large central blade in place surrounded by smaller blades. This combination of blades ensures an optimum amount of grass is cut to the desired length making it an ideal grass cutting machine. Of all the blades, this is considered to be the best as they cut the grass in a clean manner and allows the grass to grow quickly thus not affecting its lifespan. If you check the best riding lawn mower reviews, they would refer to this.

The riding lawn mowers have the blades in front so after the grass is cut; the passing of the rest of the mower on the same area flattens the grass too.

  1. Collection of the grass – Once the grass is cut, the mechanism in the mower that saves the severed bits then expels them to a rear tray or bag. So you save a lot of time in removing them from the machine. Some come fitted with long bristles that allow even wet grass to be collected from those mowers that do not expel them into a bag but instead drop them on the ground.

Benefits and why you should buy this product

Most of the benefits given above should give you an idea of why buying a mower is such a good idea for you. But for your ease of reference, here they are listed for you too.

  1. You save a lot of time and energy is cutting grass, bagging the cut parts and disposing of them.
  2. A good option for large lawns.
  3. Comparatively quieter than large tractor mowers. Their size is such that they consume lesser fuel and work efficiently with minimal noise. They can also be easily stored.
  4. They can be primarily used to cut dry grass but also work for wet platforms, though at a slower pace.
  5. They can be mounted with other machines that are used for multiple purposes such as rototillers, snowplows, yard vacuums, etc.


To give you an idea of how well this device works, we have listed the top three models and what other people have to say about them.

  1. Husqvarna YTH2042 – Specs are: 20 HP, Briggs and Stratton engine, 42” cutting width, hydrostatic transmission, adjustable seat and 3 year warranty. People have found this to be a “smooth operator” to deal with the grass. They have applauded its power and the ability to go reverse as well.
  2. MTD 13A2775S000 Yard Machine – Specs: 420cc, 42” cutting width, can mulch and bag the grass at the same time, 7-speed gear shift.
  3. Poulan Pro PB195A46LT – Specs: 19.5 HP (Briggs and Stratton engine), auto transmission, 46” deck, manual clutch, 20” Turf Saver rear tires. Customers have found this to be a stable machine that cuts grass very easily. There is also a lever that faxes/removes the mower blades, quite a unique feature.

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