Get the Best Sim Racing Steering Wheel.

Sim racing is the opportunity of having a real-life experience. Based on simulation and virtual reality, you can play sim games. Sim games are becoming popular for their excellent features. You can find yourself in the middle of a racing track on the driving seat of an Audi R8. Again you are assisting CR7 in scoring a goal at the UCL final match. Or you are leading troops to gain a broken city of the middle east. 

Everything has become possible in the grace of simulation.

Sim racing games:  sim games are simulation-based. These games have made your unreachable world much easy. You have an opportunity to taste your untouchable world.

A racing sim set up:   sim racing is a racing game based on real-life simulation. You drive a six hundred horsepower racing car on an F1 track at the speed of 356 kemps. You can feel the engine roaring; you can control the inch via your steering wheel. You are controlling your Audi sting on an F1 car seat; everything is so realistic here. You need VR equipment’s to set up such a race. Can you imagine which one is the most important in this sim racing? Steering wheel, you will most of the time be in control within this wheel in your hand. So you need a fantastic R8 sim racing wheel that can give you the real thrill.

Which is the perfect shape of a steering wheel?

 An Audi r8 sim steering wheel should have the exact size as the real one. The wheel size has to be 286.34*180.89mm; maintaining the proper size is very important. The thickness has to be 3 to 4 mm. this shape of the wheel will be perfect for an Audi r8 sim racing.

Built quality: the sim racing wheel has to the dynamic and light one to use the steering easily and get a premium feel as well. Jinjiuyi is a famous shop which in manufacturing sim racing equipment’s for years. The steering wheel of r8 they mad is a very high standard. 

This company use high-quality carbon fiber for making the frame. On carbon fiber, they use different texture so that it feels real to you.

Jinjiuyi always wants to decrease the distance between real racing and sim racing. So, they have made these fantastic equipment’s.

Customizations: the best news for you is you can make customized steering wheels for your Audi R8. Jinjiuyi builds the steering wheel as per your design; which model or colour sim racing car you have can make a customized steering wheel for all of them. 

How to order products? 

 You can order the cherished product via the online shop. You can also place the order on their website. They have to fill up a form with all your necessary data, and you have to input your car model and other information’s. Then Jinjiuyi will confirm your order, and you will get your product by free home delivery. This company is offering free shipping currently. So, do not miss that offer.

Jinjuiyi manufactures high-quality steering wheels, gas paddles and brake paddles for any sim racing car. So whatever your sim racing car is, you can try their product. Jinjiuyi is one of the most experienced companies in this sim racing field. They know what their customers want. So, you always find premium sim racing equipment’s in this garage. 

The after-sales service that Jinjiuyi is providing is world-class. They always provide a warranty for their products and lifetime servicing. So never worry in you find your r8 sim racing steering wheel a bit of a problem. You have to make a phone call, and Jinjuiyi will fix it. Try the fantastic products; you must love them. 

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