Gerakan Yang Benar Saat Melakukan Awalan Lompat Jauh Ketika Akan Bertumpu Adalah

Long jump is a sport that requires a lot of technique and practice. One of the most important aspects of this sport is the takeoff. A proper takeoff is essential for a successful long jump. In this article, we will discuss the correct technique for the long jump takeoff and landing.

Spring into Action: Proper Technique for Long Jump Takeoff

The takeoff is the most crucial part of the long jump as it sets the momentum for the entire jump. To start the takeoff, the athlete should begin with a short run-up. The athlete should then take a few quick strides to build up speed and momentum.

As the athlete approaches the takeoff board, they should start to lower their body and lean forward in a crouched position. The athlete should then quickly plant their takeoff foot on the board and extend the opposite leg behind them.

The takeoff foot should be placed slightly behind the takeoff board, and the athlete should push off the board using a strong and explosive movement. The arms should be extended straight behind the body to help with balance and momentum.

Leap to Success: Mastering the Right Approach for a Strong Landing

After the takeoff, the athlete needs to focus on the landing. The goal is to land as far away from the takeoff board as possible while maintaining balance and control. To achieve this, the athlete needs to have a strong and stable landing.

As the athlete lands, they should focus on keeping their chest up and their legs extended in front of them. The athlete should land on the balls of their feet with their heels lightly touching the ground.

The athlete should then quickly transition into a run or jog to avoid losing any momentum. It’s essential to maintain balance and control during this transition to avoid losing any distance on the jump.

Long jump is a sport that requires proper technique and practice to be successful. By mastering the correct takeoff and landing techniques, athletes can maximize their jump distance and excel in their sport. Remember to always focus on balance, momentum, and stability throughout the jump. Happy jumping!

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