Factors Influencing the Adoption of Digital Weighing Scales

Developing countries have adopted digital weighing scale machines in this constantly changing industry in their businesses. A competent and advanced technology is influencing most companies’ adoption of digital weighing scales. This article aims to determine the factors that influence the adoption of digital weighing scales in Kenya.

A digital weighing scale is an electronic machine/device that measures, reads, and displays the weight of an object and gives an accurate weight reading than analog weighing devices. The weighing scale for corporate organizations has migrated from manual to digital weighing machines.

The average adoption rate has increased and is impressive in Kenya, although some significant variations seem to exist. With the current technological changes, innovation has become inevitable.

Several factors influence the adoption of the digital weighing scale in Kenya, and they include:

The cost/initial investment cost

The digital weighing scale price in Kenya is one of the factors considered when an individual or an organization wants to buy a digital weighing device. Since these devices may come with advanced features and are operated electrically, they may cost higher than the price of the analog devices. Buyers also desire to own a machine they can afford after evaluating their financial status, as they can’t buy what they can’t afford.

The small digital weighing scales are cheaper as most are designed for domestic or small businesses. In contrast, sizeable digital weighing machines are more expensive as they are made for commercial/industrial purposes.

Commercial digital weighing machines offer a much greater capacity as they are designed to weigh large objects accurately. For the commercial weighing scales, the cost includes; the purchase price, transportation cost, installation cost, and insurance cost when needed.

Reliability and accuracy

Because of the advanced technology and features, digital weighing machines are accurate up to their specified capacity. If you want a device that will give reliable and accurate readings, then go for the electric digital weighing scale.

The machines provide a perfect weight measurement faster as it comes with auto-calibration technology. Learn about different types of batching, its benefits, and how to use it in your software development projects.

Purpose/service efficiency

As a small business owner who wants to adopt the digital weighing scale device, you can purchase a small one compared to big enterprises that require a commercial digital weighing scale for measuring the weight of large materials/products. A small weighing scale is also recommended for those purchasing for domestic use.

Availability of electricity

Most digital weighing scale devices use electricity, while others use batteries. For those that use batteries, you cannot measure the weight if the battery is dead. Before adopting or deciding to purchase a digital weighing scale, please consider the availability of electricity. This factor makes the devices’ operation costs high due to the increased electric bills.

Always enquire about their electric consumption from the dealer before purchasing to decide which one will favor your bills.

User convenience

Getting a digital weighing scale that is easy to use at home, in businesses, or a commercial setup is always advisable. This factor saves time in reading the measurements.


Digital weighing scales have increased convenience by reducing the need for reweighing since it’s easy to read the weight results and faster. The price of digital weighing is one of the main factors determining which device to purchase.

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