Factors Affecting the Cost of Arborist Services

If you have trees in your home or have considered planting one, you have probably wondered whether you’ll have to take care of it yourself or hire a professional. Trees add beauty to our homes, but caring for them isn’t as easy as a walk in the park. Consider hiring an Arborist to ensure your trees grow to their full potential.  And an arborist should come to mind. But who exactly is an arborist? And what do they do? Dive in to find out more.

What an Arborist Does

Popularly known as the tree doctor, an arborist specialises in everything trees. They are the doctor that ensures your tree is healthy, treated, maintained and assessed. An arborist does the following:

  • Tree trimming
  • Tree planting
  • Tree removal
  • Stump removal
  • Wood chipping
  • Root management
  • Tree inspection, report and consultation
  • Tree cabling
  • Tree injections
  • Hedge trimming

Hiring a qualified arborist for your trees over DIY is beneficial because their expertise guarantees the health of your trees and promotes their longevity. Also, their skills add value to the general landscaping of your property.

The Cost of Hiring an Arborist

Tree care and maintenance isn’t something you can do alone. They require a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing and has the right tools. Before quoting a figure, an arborist considers various factors. These factors include:

  • The type of tree service. The cost for trimming, pruning or removal varies.
  • Tree size. The big the tree, the more it will cost you
  • Tree condition, which involves risk assessment that will impact the overall cost
  • Trees’ accessibility and location
  • Tree species. There are different prices for various species

Average Cost Per Service

Most homeowners will first inquire about the costs involved before hiring an arborist. Most arborists charge per hour, and this figure considers the overhead costs. As a result, the prices will vary. The average cost in Sydney per hour for an arborist is $70.

Below is the average cost for different tree services.

Trimming services

The height of the tree determines the cost of tree trimming. The taller the tree, the higher it will cost you to trim.

Tree’s Height

Average Trimming Cost

15-20ft $250-$500
20-30 ft $400-$750
30-50ft $500-$1200
50-100ft $750-$2100


Tree Species

Species Average Cost
Oak $950-$1650
Norfolk $500-$850
Radiant Pine tree $800-$1500


It’s best to compare quotes from different service providers and settle for one that is reputable and within your budget.

When it comes to your tree’s health, care and maintenance, some DIY techniques will not do, especially when you are not 100% certain of what care your tree is needing. You will need to hire the services of a qualified arborist. Even though the prices vary and consider many factors, look for one that is qualified, experienced and reputable to get value for your money. Contact a tree removal services in your area and let them take away the stress of looking for a tree doctor for your tree.

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