Facebook Platform Review

Online reality has firmly rooted in our lives. Users visit their accounts on social networks daily to chat with friends, soulmates, colleagues, and relatives, as well as to find out what’s new happening in the lives of the surrounding people. Facebook stands as one of the top-rated platforms for communication. Its audience totals over 2 billion users. New users register daily. So, here, we’re going to have a detailed Facebook website review.

Features of the Portal

Users can enjoy a wide range of functionalities, including:

  • make new friends and acquaintances;
  • follow relatives, celebrities, and other interesting profiles;
  • upload video, audio, and photo content;
  • chat with friends in a messenger using text and voice messages;
  • make video calls;
  • make purchases by visiting online store accounts;
  • arrange groups and communities of interest;
  • search for events to travel or visit;
  • attend courses, training, or workshops;
  • stream live broadcasts.

Facebook is an entertainment platform that provides all the needed tools for communication, having fun, and spending time with pleasure and benefit. However, nowadays, the social network has moved far beyond being a popular chat service. Today, users can find lots of business accounts and online stores that provide e-commerce services via the portal.

Account Registration on the Platform

To join the Facebook family, newbies should fill out a registration form by specifying personal information. Here’s a detailed guide:

  1. Visit the official website of the social network.
  2. Find a blue “Sign up” button in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter your name, address, email, as well as come up with a password and nickname.
  4. Verify a profile. Enter your mobile phone number to which a verification code will be sent.

Mobile phone entering is an obligatory step of profile authentication to prove the identity of a newly registered user.

However, many users do not trust the Web arguing their position by frequent hacker attacks. They try to avoid entering their real numbers trying to secure from the possible risk of datum leakage and other illegal actions of fraudsters. Buying a temporary phone number to verify Facebook will be an excellent solution to this problem.

What are Online Phone Numbers?

Virtual VoIP is a modern solution that allows users to perform legally on the Web while feeling safe and protecting privacy. All you need to connect a fake virtual number is to find a service provider, register an account on the website, and buy an online number. This solution has the following benefits:

  • Codes of different countries are available. Users can buy numbers of foreign states and get access to limited functionalities and forbidden websites;
  • Phone management is carried out directly in a personal accountt via a browser. Users do not have to buy SIM cards or smartphones;
  • 100% confidentiality and security. No right infringement or blackmailing.

How to Verify Profile with a Fake Phone?

  1. When registering on the social network, enter a fake number.
  2. An SMS will be sent to it.
  3. Access your personal account to find the message.
  4. Enter the code.

Facebook Platforms

The portal is modern and satisfies all demands of clients. Mobile-friendliness is an obligatory requirement for any social network. Thus, users can enjoy both desktop and mobile experiences.

To launch and run the app on smartphones, users have to download the software first. Depending on what OS your gadget runs, go to the Play Market or App Store and download it. When a setup file is downloaded, unpack it and install the utility.

Judging by the Facebook app review, the network runs seamlessly and provides the same range of functionalities as in a desktop version. Its interface is responsive and adjustable to any screen resolution, regardless of your device. All buttons and tabs are available and placed conveniently to achieve the best navigation.

Privacy Issues on the Portal

Social networks are a place where users share their personal information with other users. Thus, you have the right to protect and adjust privacy settings in relation to any content you upload on the Web. Thus, users can go to settings are adjust the following provisions:

  • who can see your posts/photos/videos and generally look through your profile;
  • who can comment on your posts;
  • who can send messages to you;
  • who can invite you to communities.

You can also limit the visibility of your personal data, add unwanted users to the black list, and create private chats.

A few Words about Security Scandal

Nowadays, the issue of Cambridge Analytica is well-known to everyone. The scandal was so huge and reasonable that modern users do not trust the system. Although Facebook features are convenient, users can’t stop thinking about the fact that their personal datum was sold on the official level. How can users trust Web recourses when the leading giants of the online industry sell and leak users’ private information, thus, violating their rights and privacy? So, this is another argument for the decision to create profiles using fake phones to avoid data leakage.

Online websites are insecure places to enter private data. The case of Facebook proves the fact that online platforms do not deserve trust. Thus, if you want to enjoy access to all websites but feel safe and protected, use fake virtual numbers when registering profiles.

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