Everything You Need to Know When Buying a Lawn Mower

The image hospitable environment of someone’s home can be seen from the entrance of their home. A well grass-cut and maintained yard emits an aura of neatness and positivity and ensures positive energy to the guest. To do this, you need to pick a lawn mower that provides efficiency and speed. This article highlights educates you on everything you need to know before getting a manual lawn mower,

A lawn mower is an automated grass cutting machine that gives you complete control over your lawn. These machines allow you to maintain your yard without the worry of having to incur extra labor expenses or the cumbersome nature of cutting the grass manually. Lawn mower are straightforward and straightforward to operate machines comprising housing and wheels, the operator’s system, blades, and a power source. Best Ways to Use Your husqvarna trimmer Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner.

What are the lawn mower parts you need to know about?

With the advancement of modern technology, lawn mowers come in several varieties, such as riding lawn mowers, robotic lawn mowers, propelled lawn mowers, or electric lawn mowers. Each comes with different parts. The following are essential parts that you should be aware of,

Housing and Wheels

The chassis of a lawn mower is made from steel ensued with heat and vibration resistant properties. The chassis is mounted on top of wheels which safely cover and protect all the interior body parts, such as the rotating blades with a small opening to allow the discharge of grass clipping.

The operator’s system

This refers to a system built for the convenience of the operator. This system comprises a handlebar with controls that afford the operator safety and comfort while operating behind the manual lawnmower.


A petrol lawn mower comprises multiple curved blades which rotate around a horizontal axis. In modern models, the blades spin on a vertical axis, giving these current models the capacity to handle wet, thicker, and taller grass.

Power source

Different lawn mowers utilize power from various sources; a reel mower uses human labor by pushing, and other models obtain energy from a standard gas engine or an electric engine.

Additional parts in the manual lawn mower can adjust the height, power connections, and holding brackets for electronic devices.

Factors to consider when buying a lawn mower


When picking out a lawnmower, you need to consider the performance depending on the terrain of your lawn, how tall your grass is, how thick, and how wet the grass can get. Lawnmower engines usually range from 140-cc to 190-cc, generally a vital determinant of lawn mower prices in Kenya. Engine styles vary with each lawn mower model; it can be a side-valve engine, overhead engine, or direct overhead valve engine.

When considering fuel consumption and noise, an overhead valve engine is the best recommendation; the only downside to this engine is that it is very costly.


Depending on the size of your lawn, comfort should be a top-notch priority. When getting a lawn mower, you should seek a mower that can be height-adjusted, or in the case of a tractor seat, you should ensure it is firm enough.


This should be your first factor to consider when getting a lawn mower; some parts can be challenging to replace, such as the mower pull cord. It would be best to know the tire condition, check for tire tracks and cracks, and ensure a perfect exterior body condition.

How to maintain a lawnmower

To ensure the durability of your manual lawn mower, you should ensure you follow standard maintenance steps.

Check the oil

The first maintenance step is to check for the oil every time before starting the mower. It is advisable to change the oil in your lawn mower to avoid clogging the fuel system.

Clean out the air filter

The air filter is responsible for regulating interior temperature to prevent over-heating. Therefore, it needs to be clear of blockage. Most lawn mowers come with manual instructions on changing or cleaning the air filter. You should check for dust, debris, or dirt before packing the machine.

Blade maintenance

To maintain a lawn mower’s blades, you need to remove the edges, check for imperfection or bends within the borders, file them until they are sharp enough, and check for reinstalling them back to the correct mower balancing make sure your grass is cut evenly.

Fog the engine system

Oil fogging is unnecessary depending on the model; however, some mower models require engine fogging to stop lubricants from spilling over, leaving the interior vulnerable to corrosion.


You get to enjoy several benefits when using a manual lawnmower, which presents with the why you should consider getting a manual lawnmower.

Provide nutrients

The fine grass that falls from the lawnmower gets broken down quickly and releases essential nutrients back to the soil, providing nitrogen necessary for the healthy growth of grass.


Using a lawnmower saves a lot of time and labor since you do not have to bag the grass clippings, which cuts the cost of using fertilizer products.

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