Everything You Must Know About Charity Safaris

Since 2009, Charity Safaris has always been one of the best fundraising sites in the USA. While the entire team works closely with hunting outfitters worldwide, the organization gains funds through its hunting packages.

The organization also offers ways to raise money through its trips at no cost. In this article, you can check out more about how the organization works. If you run a non-profit organization and want to place a hunting donation request, you do it through an online form.

How does the organization work?

As Charity Safaris is a charity auction site, the team works with auctioneers and auction coordinators to make sure that they understand the packages. Moreover, the team also lends support to make every event memorable. When the coordinators have to focus on essential tasks for the events, the team of Charity Safaris presents the paperwork and the display materials. The group further devotes time to making the event a success. They also simplify things as much as possible so that everything is in sync with one other.

Once the auctioneer declares a winner at the event, the event team will send the information to Charity Safaris. Later, the company will help the winner embark on a trip he had never thought about earlier.

To make the experience unforgettable, the team members will answer every query of the winner and schedule a hunt accordingly. Passionate individuals will even be glad to assist the winners in every way so that they can return home with beautiful memories. On the other hand, when a non-profit organization organizes a hunting trip auction, it enables them to raise funds for a worthy cause. In those instances, Charity Safaris will allow the fundraiser to keep 100% of the funds raised at the auction.

This point implies that the non-profit organization doesn’t have to pay a penny to Charity Safaris. Apart from everything else, the non-profit organization can also sell the hunting trips multiple times.

What are the different kinds of trips that Charity Safaris offer?

While Charity Safaris has numerous fundraising ideas, the team organizes three different trips.

Argentina Hunting Adventure

When the individual opts for this trip, he will have an incredible experience while hunting for BlackBuck, Red Stag, and more animals. While the individuals move ahead with the hunt, they can seek assistance from a Gaucho Guide. Every individual will have a safe and enjoyable hunting experience before lunch and in the afternoon.

Every hunter will enjoy a sumptuous dinner with cocktails and appetizers as soon as the day ends. However, the winning bidder will have to bear the cost of the trophy fees, and the hunters will also have to lend a certain sum of money as a non-refundable deposit to reserve the dates.

South Africa Hunting Adventure

Through this eight-day charity hunt in South Africa, individuals will experience a trip like never before. While they will roam around 10,000 acres of grassland, the journey will be pretty exciting. Every day, the hunters will start hunting soon after breakfast.

Further, they enjoy a delicious lunch, proceed with hunting during the afternoon, and have cocktails and dinner around a fireplace sitting area. If they want the trip to be adventurous, they can reserve the dates anytime between late May and August.

New Zealand Hunting Adventure

Every hunter will have a fantastic experience hunting across 5000 acres of hills during the five days. Apart from Red Stag, the hunters will be able to target Himalayan Tahr, Feral Goat, Captain Cook Wild Boar, and numerous species of animals.

They will also enjoy a four-night stay at a hotel and enjoy gourmet meals and tasty New Zealand wine. But, if they are keen on hunting Red Stag, they must head for the adventure between mid-February and the end of April.

Bottom Line

In the end, the organization has always understood the value of fundraising and how it can help others to grow. Charity Safaris has helped many foundations over the past few months, and Notre Dame Academy has raised more than $2000 through the organization to offer quality education to students. The Riverside Free Clinic raised $1000 for smooth management of its operational activities.

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