Essentials and Outfits for Dubai Desert Safari

Desert safari is among the top listed and highly recommended places for tourists in Dubai. It is a different life experience than visiting shopping malls, architectural masterpieces, souks, theme parks and skyscrapers in the United Arab Emirates. The ones who have been on the safari narrate this experience as one of their best and most extraordinary experience. Many people have said that they failed to enjoy some activities in the desert due to their improper clothing.

Desert Safari:

It is important to consider proper dressing for the Desert Safari Dubai. Most tourists seek guidance from those who have visited the Dubai desert. You should include proper dressing in the tour planning so that you don’t fail to have some extra fun in the desert. The desert gets cold in the early few hours of the evening and the morning. In contrast, the afternoons become intensely sunny.

The tourists must select more practical clothes in abundant dust and both hot and cold weather. For comfort, loose clothes are highly recommended in the daytime. The heat in the desert stays until the sun shines. Tourists are advised to carry a light jacket for the evening and overnight stay.

Personal wear for Desert Safari Dubai

Ladies and gents, tourists, should put on loosely-fit trousers or comfy jeans. For a more cool and comfortable experience, cotton and linen clothes are the best option. These clothes are more suitable for the early hours of the morning. Tourists can also carry a hoodie if they are going for evening and night safaris.

Men may put on shorts or cotton pants. Shorts are usually put on for hot afternoons in summer—however, shorts and not ideal for the desert safari. The tourists will be travelling in AC jeeps, so the shorts could make them uncomfortable. Moreover, going for a camel ride while wearing shorts or jeans is not comfortable.

Ladies are recommended to put on Salwar Kamiz or pants and T-shirts. Wearing full sleeves would be a better option instead of T-shirts. Moreover, they can put on a loose-fitting top. They can also wear skirts that must cover their knees. However, this is not the best option if they are interested in sand-boarding or want to have a camel ride.

As the temperature falls at night, both men and women are recommended to carry shawls, sweaters, or light jackets. Tourists would like to protect themselves from the sand and sun in the desert, so they should bring along a scarf and wrap them around their face and neck.

Dubai Safari Desert outfit during summer

The temperature in the desert remains high during the summer season. The tourists will spend most of their time in AC jeeps and tents having air conditioners. At the same time, come out of a jeep or tent for activities like camel rides, sandboarding, or quad biking. The outfit must be loose cotton and Lenin clothes to do activities with comfort in the summer season.

Winter clothes to Wear

The temperature falls in the desert. The morning and evening hours get cold. Tourists are advised to bring full sleeve casual clothes and warm shawls.


The tourists will remain on the jeep for most of the journey during desert safari Dubai. They are advised to wear Sneakers, light boots, and flip-flops. The sneakers and light boots are the best options for walking across the dunes in the desert. However, sandals and flip-flops are also okay to wear.

Extra wear

Women should avoid heavy makeup while on the safari. Tourists are advised to carry a hat and sunglasses for shade. They can also apply sunscreen and lip balm. The families bringing kids to the safari must carry extra clothing, feeding bottles, baby cream, diapers and a towel.

Outfit for a camel ride

Riding a camel is one of the most thrilling and demanding activities in Dubai desert safari  adventure. It is an almost 30 minute’s activity. While going for a camel ride, tourists are advised to wear loose and stretchable clothes.

This ride will be in the shining hot sun of the desert, so riders must wear shades and wrap scarfs around their face and neck. The sunshine may cause sunburn. To avoid this, riders should cover themselves with sunscreen.

The sunscreen must not be tacky and greasy. Tourists are advised to use lip balm to protect their lips from being cranky as the air in the desert will be extremely dry and dusty.

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Tourists should wear loose-fitted clothes in which they feel comfortable. Loose clothing will ensure comfort while travelling in the jeep and camel rides, quad biking, sandboarding and other adventurous activities. Arabian hand scarfs are also available for tourists in the desert.

Finally, the most advised things for a Dubai Desert Safari tour are A bulky pullover or a hoodie, comfortable cotton trousers or jeans and half or sleeved tops, hats, and sunglasses.

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