Employee Evaluation: A Guide For Constructing Helpful Performance Review Comments

Performance evaluations can feel scary, especially on the receiving end. Poor or entirely negative performance evaluations can cause a drop in work ethic and motivation among staff members. Learning the proper methods of communication will make a world of difference for you as a manager and leader.

This guideline provides constructive comments to try for your upcoming 360 feedback survey.

Discuss Areas of Improvement Performance Review Comments

When it comes to employee performance reviews, it is essential to make sure that you balance the areas of improvement and measurements of success. It is also vital that you start by giving feedback on the positive things they are doing well. Providing constructive feedback is critical for performance review comments, and through this guide, you will learn how to motivate and manage your team accordingly.

Do not generalize their work. Employees enhance their work ethic ten-fold when presented with specific performance details about their behavior and not their character. Below are a few ways to discuss areas of improvement with your employee:

  • I’ve noticed you struggle to voice your opinions when collaborating as a team. What do you think about that?
  • When things go wrong, it’s important to take accountability for your actions, and you seem to struggle with this aspect.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude is essential to company morale and teamwork. Your attitude is more than cheerful about these specific areas (XYZ). In what ways can we change this?

It’s essential to point out the areas of improvement but create a safe space for your employees to answer these concerns and feel a constructive effort to help them become better.

Positive Performance Review Comments For Time Management

People with good time management skills can finish their tasks on time and do other jobs when they have downtime. Organized staff with a good sense of punctuality demonstrate they are an asset with these comments:

  • You meet your deadlines consistently, which helps to keep the entire department on schedule.
  • You prioritize tasks with detailed and thorough content that matches your everyday duties.
  • You go above and beyond, exceeding our expectations while managing to commit to quality and high performance for your tasks.

According to research, employees who receive positive feedback regularly during performance evaluations are more engaged and likely to continue the level of work that will bring them praise.

Ways To Favorably Comment On Attitude During A Performance Review

It is important to note that some employees may feel uncomfortable receiving feedback on their attitude, fearing it will affect their self-esteem and confidence. Therefore, the supervisor must ensure that the employee is comfortable stating expectations, whether the comments are positive or more constructive. Favorable attitude comments include:

  • We appreciate your willingness to help others in their time of need, even when you have deadlines to meet. You’ve positively impacted rapport amongst your coworkers.
  • You make everyone’s day more cheerful with your delightful demeanor.
  • You are a natural leader under pressure and consistently influence the people around you with your work ethic and enthusiasm.

Utilize Performance Management Software For Fast and Effective Performance Reviews

Performance management software is a great way to ensure that performance reviews are insightful. With it, KPIs and strategic objectives can be assigned to individual people, teams, departments, or branches. Thus, ensuring everyone in the company knows their responsibilities and can be held accountable. With performance management tools, comments can be left directly in scorecards, and communication is recorded along with performance data easily visualized in dashboards and reports. Performance reviews can help identify strengths and weaknesses, offer feedback, and set goals for future performance.

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