Eliminate That Long Time, and Thick Dirt with the Best Pressure Washing Machine.

Are you tired of that dirty floor in your kitchen? Or that oily floor in your garage, or is it that muddy concrete fence your father built when you were growing up? Then worry no more, in this article all your problems have just come to an end.

When it comes to eliminating long-time and thick dirt from your property, nothing beats the effectiveness of a good pressure washing. However, doing it yourself can be time-consuming and potentially risky without the right equipment and knowledge. For a professional and thorough cleaning, consider Power Washing in Texarkana TX. Their team of experts can efficiently remove stubborn dirt and grime, restoring the beauty of your property.

A pressure washing machine is basically an electrified pump that splashes water at a highly concentrated degree, you may have experienced a rough dirty that stuck in your bathroom when you last repaired it, or just a muddy, and oily surface in your pavement, a pressure washing machine is all you need.

Different sizes of pressure washing machine.

It all depends on the task ahead, but basically more or higher power is not recommended, why? It might be hard to control it. So if you want a moderate pressure washing machine, all you require is to understand is the surface at hand, to be accurate all you require is to multiply your preferred machine’s psi by it get an effective cleaning unit (ECU).

Light duty: effective for simple and light duties like car washing, it comprises 1.4-1.6 gpm, and 1000-1750 psi which is very muck OK for the task.

Medium duties: For task such as cleaning pavements, and old concrete fences, you require a pressure washer machine, with a capacity of around 2-3 gpm, and 2000-2800 psi.

Heavy duties; when it comes to removing an old paint, or greasy floor, this is the size you need, it comprises 3-4 gpm, and a psi of more than 2800.

How many types of pressure washing machine do we have?

Basically, we have two types that are well known, electric and gas washing machine, the questions remains, which is the best? That is a question you will get answers down here.

Gas washing machine is basically used for heavy or medium tasks, it’s a bit expensive and with an upward of 2000, and a 2-4 gpm.

Electric washing machine is best for lighter duties, it’s cheaper, but its mobility is limited by its power cord, it all depends on your electric cables proximity.

Does a pressure washing machine use cold or hot water?

One can choose the machine of his choice based on the task given, in lighter tasks such cleaning mad, car mats, and window panes, one can use cold water washing machine, it’s cheaper, one can add detergents, but it can’t be effective for greasy surfaces, but for hot water washing machines, one can use lesser detergent compared to cold water washing machine, its works faster, and it’s very effective for oily surfaces, though it bulky and a bit expensive.

What kind of nozzle do I use?

Pressure washing machines with a lower psi comes with an adjustable nozzle, that allows you to adjust it instead of changing it, but for pressure washing machines with higher psi, they come with different nozzle types with color coding as indicated below;

Black nozzle is used for spraying detergents on the given surface; this is done at a low pressure.

White nozzle is also used to spray at a lower pressure, it’s usually best for Windows panes.

Green nozzle is basically used for cleaning surfaces like walls, floors and cars.

Yellow nozzle is highly concentrated, it’s not suitable for fragile surfaces, it’s recommended for removing paints on concrete walls.

Red nozzle has a zero degree spray, and it can do major damage to paints and wooden surfaces, it’s highly recommended for concrete and metals.

Don’t get it rough again, say goodbye to stains, mud, and oily surfaces, we have your problems sorted in general, it’s because of you that we exist, struggle no more. For more, check https://www.pressurewashers.co.ke

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