Easy to Play Online Game Extreme Pay

This high-paying online slot offers one, two, three, and four winning symbols on a single payline and four reels. This is an Extreme Pay slot by Oryx Gaming with a maximum payout of 1250x, with the largest bet being £10.00. Translates to 12,500 pounds

Extreme Pay Online

Slots Play Extreme Pay Slots and experience retro action that can bring you up to 1250x wins.

Extreme Pay Introduction

It’s no more retro than a three-row สล็อตออนไลน์ slot with a single payline, but with a twist instead of three reels. As is often the case, in Extreme Pay slots there are additional reels. Which consists of a total of four rings There is no need to translate into four matching symbols on the payline for a win to trigger. Because winning three symbols is also paid.

Extreme Pay by Oryx Studios comes with a maximum payout of 1250x multiplied by your winning bet. But that’s only if the win is due to the maximum coin size. What sets this game apart is its various combinations, such as three or four of the seven symbolic patterns. Which may result in payment

The game comes with a Scatter, but it is not in the form of a symbol. The Extreme Pay slot has no wild symbols, however, single cherries or double cherries can trigger winning results as well.

Design features that pay a lot

Real slots players know the value of retro and classic slots. For the record, Retro slots are old-fashioned slot machines. These may have been looked at modern by production studios or they could be left as such to pack old-fashioned casino gameplay with a single payline or up to five.

This is one of the examples of classic slot machines being retro slots. There is very little going on in the reel set in terms of graphic design. As a matter of fact, Extreme Pay slots are so simple that they can blend in with the wall. The same goes for jackpot payouts for the luckiest players.

If you like this type of slot You shouldn’t have high expectations as you probably already know about the extremely amazing retro slots release. However, we don’t recommend leaving Extreme Pay to give it a try as it might be the luckiest retro slot for you.

How to play slots with extreme payouts

Your slots adventure starts with a hit of Spin, which you can’t miss. As it is on the right side of the reel set. The minus and plus buttons below are used to set bets. Coins displayed above the spin button will show the number of coins in use. As well as the display above the reel set itself. Extreme Pay slots come in up to ten coins and each slot สล็อต approximates the coin size predefined by the casino. However, there are no coin sizes to configure. So it’s just one setting and a dial.

Autoplay mode is also available to set the reels to move manually. However, you need to keep balance in mind as the game doesn’t have any stop options such as a single win limit or a specified total loss payout table which has all the paying symbols It can be found in the information button in the top right corner.

How to Win Big Paying Slots

The pay tables are full of symbol combinations and the payouts they bring. We mentioned that one cherry pays x2 and doubles its x5, cherries, oranges, and plums three pay x10 and three lemons pay x20.

Winning symbols increase with four matching symbols on a single payline, cherry, orange, and plum on four pay x20 and lime pay x50.

Strips can come in a distributed and even pattern. Three green bars pay x50 or x10, double blue bars pay x10 and x100, etc.

When it comes to big payouts It’s the seven that bring luck to the luckiest people from Extreme Pay slots.

Seven blue, white and red on three pay x50 on the blue scatter line or x200, quadruple x1000 pays when you get from one to eight coins. While the jackpot rewards will give x1250 when the coin shows nine or ten.

Extreme Paying Bonus Features

The game does not have a free spins bonus which is quite expected. The symbols with the blue line beneath them will scatter and when these happen it’s a paying combination. They don’t have to land on the far left and right reels in a row. The scatter symbol pays less. But enable winning symbols that are broken with the general left-to-right rules of the game.

Play for free with extreme pay.

If anyone wants to see the game They were able to do so because the Slovenian developers at Oryx have now made it available to the public.

The idea is off paying a lot.

A retro game with great payout mechanics is Extreme Pay slots. You can play with minimum coins and still play for a chance to win sweet rewards. We don’t know the variance of the game for sure. But it is suspected to be high while the theoretical RTP is 95.21%.

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