Easy Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Your DIY Skills

Most people avoid renovations as far as possible because of two major concerns – expensive budget and time. So they continue to lead their lives like that until their home screams for help. You don’t have to wait for things to reach such a stage, regardless of your affordability and busy schedules. It is more relevant if you possess DIY expertise. You can start from one corner and move on to others based on your energy and enthusiasm about this whole stuff. So, for example, if your bathroom looks dated, you can start working on it. Do you worry it can consume your money and precious time?

Well, there is a belief that home renovations tend to be a costly affair. Even a bathroom would touch five figures when it comes to redoing it. While some projects can cost a significant sum, you can change the appearance of your bathroom even for a smaller budget. However, it requires thorough research of the ideas so that you can select the most economical options for a new, functional bathroom. Here are some bathroom decoration suggestions to help you attain your goal. Let’s take a look.


You can avoid a significant renovation cost by letting your existing plumbing fixtures stay in their original position unless you face any grave inconvenience. For example, if you don’t face any challenges with your bathtub and toilet location, you don’t need to switch them unnecessarily. Otherwise, it will involve modifying plumbing locations to meet your requirements. From water supply lines to drains, everything will have a cost. Besides, you can do some plumbing tasks yourself because of the availability of push-in fittings and plastic PEX plumbing systems. These eliminate the need to work with copper pipes or galvanized pipes.

Wall treatment

Old bathroom walls appear tired due to continuous exposure to moisture and wetness. Then, they develop small holes and dings also. But you don’t have to bother about these anymore. Wainscot boards can patch them all, giving your bathroom an air of freshness. Plus, these are easy to install too. Hence, you can take this job on yourself. However, it is essential to realize that this can be a fantastic cover-up trick only if the situation is not so worse that you have to replace the walls. So, keep this factor in mind.


Coloring the interiors of a home is far easier than the exteriors. Anyone with decent DIY skills can perform this task satisfactorily. Still, you may need professional help if you plan to paint the whole house. However, if your focus is the bathroom, you don’t have to seek external help. Since a large portion of the wall tends to have mirrors, tiles, bathtub, shower, and cabinet, you will need to work on just a tiny section. Hence, you can expect this to take about one or two days maximum. First, please choose a new color for the walls, though.

The same shade may feel fresh, but it will lack the impact of the newness, something that your eyes and inner self crave after visiting the dreary room for a long time. That’s why it would be better to get some new color for the walls.

Sink area

It attracts attention for being in the center of the décor theme. But, even if you don’t want to spend much on makeovers, you can change the sink and faucet to create a sense of fresh energy in the bathroom. It will have an instant effect on the decoration. You get a washbowl for your DIY bathroom project nowadays. So, you can pick something from there. Or, if you wish to stick to the old basin, you can replace the faucet. Whether you switch to complete replacement in this part or just one or two features, it is your design call. But, in the end, you can expect to have satisfaction for sure.

Cabinet hardware

Buying new cabinets can be out of the question if you have a limited budget. Also, you may not want to get into this hassle without some support. Still, it doesn’t mean you have no other alternatives. You can remove the old handles and knobs to attach the newer hardware items. However, you will have to ensure that their screws match with the older ones at the time of shopping. It is necessary to establish this to avoid the pain of drilling new holes.


It should be the last thing on your mind to think of a replacement in this case. It doesn’t make any financial sense. Instead, you can opt for refinishing or touching up as an alternative. All these options align with the principle of repair and reuse than waste. Refinishing works best in cosmetic treatments. For example, you can treat cracks, nicks, and yellowness in the surface through this. Some people can recommend relining. But liners don’t offer permanent relief. Also, these require professional intervention and involve cost too.

Anyway, if relining and refinishing don’t look sensible, you can explore easier procedures like touching up. You get a variety of touch-up items in the stores. First, you have to pick something suitable for your needs, such as glue for porcelain repair. Then, you can apply the matter to spot-fix nicks, peeling paint, etc. It can be as simple as putting toothpaste on your toothbrush.

Remember, any renovation and repair effort doesn’t have to cover everything at one go. You can start from little corners and move on to larger challenges. By that time, your strength and skill will also develop as you keep using your DIY knowledge. While it can be the most satisfying experience mentally and emotionally, you can also look at your bank savings and feel happy for taking this cost-effective route. Your bathroom will light up with freshness once again, and for the first time, you will not feel guilty about how you attained it. If it becomes successful, your family and friends will heap praises on you, which can be quite motivating. So, give it a shot once!

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