Does Working at Heights Training Expire?

Constructors and other professionals working at heights always have a risk of getting injured due to accidents. According to the OSH Act, it is essential for every employer to protect workers from these risks. Regulations about working at heights are intended to prevent workplace accidents. Although you have implemented safety systems at the worksite, you should give importance to employee training. A worker should undergo training on working at heights and have a certificate. But, does this certificate expire after a particular period? Let us talk about the expiry of working at heights training.

The expiry date of working at heights training:

The license obtained from your working at heights training has no expiry date. But, some industrial associations like WAHA (Working at Heights Association) recommend workers to undergo the training repeatedly every 2 years. They think it is the best way to stay up-to-date and maintain competency.

Besides, some employers have imposed their own policies about the renewal of height safety training. You can also check the rules of the regulatory authority in your state and make the right decision.

Many employers look for workers with additional qualifications to let them work in special situations. For instance, if you want to deal with activities like rigging, dogging, and scaffolding, you should have a risk work license and a working at height certificate. For the former one, the license is valid for about 5 years.

Duration and curriculum of working at heights training:

The working at heights training is a 1-day course provided by height safety training experts. It may be an onsite or off-site training focusing mainly on fall prevention. The program involves theoretical and practical activities. During practical training, you will find a demonstration of equipment for work safety according to Australian standards. You will also learn about the rescue processes, ladder climbing, and other activities.

The theoretical part of the training program covers a range of topics, like:

  • Emergency rescue and trauma-preventing suspension
  • OSHA Sections 20 to 23
  • Australian Standards
  • Code of Practice
  • Common risks while working at heights
  • Job safety analysis
  • Physical control
  • Fall arrest systems

Your minimum age should be 18 years to join the training program. Besides, you must wear work clothing and work boots during the training session.

The main benefits of the training are:

  • Reduced risks
  • Improved health and safety management
  • Prevention of work-related disorders
  • Elimination of hazards
  • Increased influence on your health and safety

If you need to work at heights regularly, the training will help you prevent injury.

Who should consider working at heights training?

Any worker who works on an elevated surface (such as roofs and ladders) which is more than 2 meters from the ground level must undertake training. Even supervisors and managers of such works have to consider this training course.

Thus, you can join training to work at heights safely. This training benefits both workers and employers in different ways. The certificate has no expiration date. You can refresh or update your knowledge by having the training after every few years.

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