Do You Want to Install Fibreglass Pools At Your Premises? A Few Options You Have

A fibreglass pool can be simple to construct and inexpensive. They are simple to care for and have a non-abrasive, smooth finish that won’t react with any pool chemicals. A lifetime structural warranty is provided by the high tensile strength. It can also flex without any cracking to accommodate localised soil movement.

If you are interested to get a fibreglass above ground pool then you may contact The Pool People, who can install such pools at your premises.

Three different options for pool installation

You can select from 3 different installation methods while installing your swimming pool

A great addition to keep your fibreglass pool warm is to install a pool heat pump. They are a great option if you are looking to swim all year round.

1. Fully in-ground type swimming pools

This pool, is the most popular and is ideal for any flat and level terrain. This design might help you save money on the total cost of your pool installation.

2. Partially above-ground type swimming pools

A partially above-ground pool can be the best option if the installation location is not level. A support system or any drop-edge coping beams are popular options for bringing your pool to the required height of your existing deck.

3. Fully above-ground type swimming pools

People wrongly believe that installing a totally above-ground pool having concrete pools, earthworks, or retaining wall construction is a labor-intensive operation.

The Maxi Rib technology, on the other hand, can make this installation process much more cost-effective than alternatives such as a retaining wall, concrete pool, or earthworks.

How can you install any fibreglass pool

First step

On the first day on the work, we lay out the pool according to the dig specifications. We then put up our laser and tripod, both of which remain stationary throughout the installation.

We next take elevations and calculate the elevation for each location of the pool using the River Pools dig sheet in preparation for any excavation. The concrete equipment pad is then poured.

Second step

We start digging early in the morning and then haul out the material unless you prefer to leave it on site. After the excavation is complete, we lay down a 4″ thick clean base of stone and an 8″ sump pipe.

Third step

When the pool arrives, we utilise a certain crane or a tele-handler to unload it and set it in the hole. Then we start shooting the pool top to make sure it’s level and make any necessary adjustments.

We start cutting in and mounting the entire fittings once everything is level. The piping back is subsequently finished to the equipment pad, and conduit, lighting, and bonding wire are installed.

Fourth step

We start by backfilling the pool by using clean stone and start filling it with water at the same time.

Fifth step

After that, we grade the area outside of the pool with a certain gravel basis for concrete decking and set up the forms for the concrete on the pool.

Sixth step

The concrete pool deck is poured. After the concrete has been poured, the forms are removed and any flaws are corrected.

Seventh step

We arrive to turn on the machinery, clean the pool, and give the homeowner a last demonstration on how can it be used and maintained of their new fibreglass pool.

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