Directions on How to Read Select Odds Correctly in 2024

Many new players still wonder what soccer select is. This is a common problem, if not common, in the select world as well as at Hi 88. Let’s learn about concepts, popular bet types and some good playing experiences through this article!

Explain what is soccer select?

It can be said that everyone knows this extremely famous king sport. However, what is a football bet is still of interest to many people. Accordingly, you can understand this as a form of select money to predict the results and situations of any football match when the outcome is not known in advance.

This is a term that describes the numbers given by the select system based on the strength of the two teams. Looking at the information on the odds table, you can understand which teams are strong and weak. To be able to predict the results, bettors need to consider many different factors, such as violation history, form and playing style.

Currently, there are many types of bets for soccer bets at game portals. Therefore, bettors have the flexibility to choose according to their wishes. However, you always need to research carefully to make the most accurate decisions.

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How to read football odds?

To be able to confidently bet money, you need to understand how to read each type of soccer bet? Please refer to the detailed content below to fully understand this issue:

Asian handicap – Extreme handicap

This type of bet is quite popular, originating from the Asian select market. The dealer will give you a handicap (for example = “X”) based on the balance of strength of the two teams. So this number “X” can always change depending on the situation.

Players participating in select can choose whether the upper team or the lower team wins or loses. When the match or round (you can bet on Asian handicap for the first half or the whole match) ends, you can rely on that to know whether you win or lose.

European Handicap – 1×2

If you know what soccer odds are, then European odds you definitely cannot ignore. This is a type of bet on the away team and the home team, so you do not need to care about the number of goals.

This type of bet is also known as 1 x 2, this is also the 3 doors for players to enter money, specifically:

  • 1 – Home win: Bet on the home team to win.
  • “X” – Draw: Two teams draw.
  • 2 – Away win: Bet on the away team to win.

You can also bet on the first half or the whole match, or pay attention to the time issue to consider carefully. The winning rate of the 3 bets is equal, but you always need to pay attention to the situation of the two teams to make the most accurate bets!

Over/Under What is soccer select?

The term Over/Under is extremely familiar to many people, the same in football. You can bet based on the number given by the house and bet on the upper and lower teams, in a bet with the following situations:

  • The total number of goals in the match is more than “X” goals: The person who bets on the upper bet will win and receive all the prizes.
  • Total number of goals in half/match < “X”: Any member who bets on the underdog team to win will receive the full reward.
  • In case the goal is equal or rounded down = “X”, anyone who bets on the upper and lower ends will receive a refund.

Other football bets

If you are a bettor who knows what soccer select is, you cannot help but know about many other types of bets such as: select on penalty cards, corner kicks, overtime, penalties,… Any situation that occurs. out in a match can also bet. Therefore, the attraction of this type of entertainment is extremely high. You guys are watching the heat of the match while looking for opportunities to get rich, take advantage!

What is the experience in closing football bets?

Each person will have different experiences in closing bets and making money. However, Hi88 shares with you some tips often applied by experts, specifically:

  • Information of the two teams such as collision history, formation, playing style, injuries of players,… all need to be at hand. Only then can you make realistic judgments.
  • Psychology and finances always need to be tightly controlled to limit risky situations.
  • Read the odds table carefully and be flexible in your choices. Besides, the time to deposit money is also extremely important, you should grasp it!


The above article introduces and answers in detail to the question “What is soccer select?” Hope you can fully grasp the information and understand how to read. And of course, don’t forget to enjoy the joy and luck from the times you put down money in the bet networthhaven!

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