Dikupas Kulitnya Ada Bijinya Digigit Bijinya Ada Batangnya Apa Coba

Have you ever encountered a fruit or vegetable where you peeled off the skin, bit into the seed, and found a stem inside? It’s a curious sight, isn’t it? You may be wondering what type of fruit or vegetable this is and what lies within its skin. Fear not, we are here to unveil the mystery for you!

Unveiling the Mystery: What Lies Within the Skin?

The fruit or vegetable that fits this description is none other than the delectable guava! This tropical fruit is known for its sweet and tangy flavor, and for being a rich source of vitamins and fiber. But what makes guava an interesting fruit is its unique anatomy. When you peel off its skin, you’ll find a layer of white or pink flesh, which is the edible part of the fruit. But if you’re not careful and accidentally bite into the seed, you’ll discover a small stem attached to it.

Biting into the Seed, Discovering the Stem: Intrigued Yet?

Now, you may be wondering what purpose that little stem serves. Well, it’s actually a part of the seed! The stem helps the seed to grow and develop into a full-grown tree. The next time you bite into a guava seed, take a closer look and you’ll be able to see the stem attached to it. It’s a fascinating sight and adds more character to an already interesting fruit.

So there you have it, the mystery of "dikupas kulitnya ada bijinya digigit bijinya ada batangnya apa coba" solved! The next time you come across a guava and peel off its skin, take a closer look at the seed and see if you can spot the stem. It’s a fun little discovery that makes eating guava even more enjoyable.

In the end, fruits and vegetables never fail to surprise us with their unique anatomy and interesting features. From the juicy watermelon to the spiky durian, there’s always something new to discover. So go ahead and explore the wonderful world of fruits and vegetables, and see what other mysteries lie within their skins!

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