Difference Between Astrology and Tarot Card Reading

A lot of people trust tarot readings or astrology readings, or both to know the significant intuitions of present and possible future situations.  

How can I know my astrology or tarot reading? One must be aware that although both types of fortune-telling have some distinction in terms of income and tools, the readers depend on intuitions.

There are numerous ways to talk to astrologer or tarot card readers, such as online websites, mobile apps, etc.

Tarot Cards

This is among the ancient types of psychic reading, and actually, it started during the 14th century. If you visit a tarot card expert, you’ll receive a personalised and definite answer to the question you ask. Therefore, a lot of people think about it as more precise compared to astrology reading, giving a more generalised personality profile.

In Astrology, there is mainly a mathematical and scientific approach. An astrology expert will go through the charts of planets and stars for forecasting future events and behaviour of folks according to their zodiac.

There are around 78 cards comprising the deck with a representational image on every card. The pictures on the deck are divided into different categories (positive image cards, “maybe cards” and negative image cards.

You must ensure that you shuffle the deck well when imparting the cards using your own energy. This is thought to trigger the cards for correct predictions. While the person for whom you are scattering the cards gives you questions, you must meditate with cards in hand and think of the name of the troubled person and their questions.

This is carried out to make the session fully limited to the person concerned and the people associated with them. Following meditation, you scatter the deck and start picking cards to get the answers.

You find the answers with the interpretation of the pictures on the cards and the interpretation fluctuates on the basis of the question and its nature.

Acceptance plays a major role during the procedure. You can understand form cards while the person is either lying or hiding anything.


Astrology reading is also known as horoscope reading. It is widely popular among the people.

There are various types of my astrology, and 12 zodiac signs. Mundane astrology, Natal astrology, Interrogatory astrology, and Western astrology are names of some very popular astrology types. The 12 zodiac signs are named as Aeries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpion, Aquarius, Pisces, Leo, Sagittarius, and Capricorn.

Live astrology primarily centres on the following planets: Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Venus, and Pluto.

This is a very prevalent tool utilised for self-development and self-exploration. It is all based on what you need to know. As the natal chart is a very prevalent method of knowing the impacts that were at play at the time of your birth, it doesn’t need to halt there.

One can use live astrology for personality development. For instance, seeing your natal chart can give you more understanding regarding your strengths, future opportunities, weaknesses, and future challenges.

The natal chart is developed from where every planet was at the time of your birth. Besides the position of the planets when you were born, there is also a lot of info related to what astrology house the planets were in, opposing on the basis of when and where you took birth.

These houses are why lots of people with similar sun signs are so different in terms of personality since the houses all rule various aspects of your life.

Following are the astrology houses and the aspects of the life that they rule:

  1. 1st House: This astrology house rules personality
  2. 2nd House: It rules how you back yourself monetarily
  3. 3rd House: It rules your way of communication and intelligence
  4. 4th House: It rules your family life, both negative and positive aspects.
  5. 5th House: It rules your creativity and how you utilise your free time
  6. 6th House: It rules how you go about your day, thinking about your health, and business and life balance.
  7. 7th House: It rules your romantic relationships, plus acquaintances and business relations.
  8.   8th House: It rules the support that you get from others
  9.   9th House: It rules the education you get or want to get
  10. 10th House: It rules how you look in front of society and your profession
  11. 11th House: It rules your social circle and who you want in your circle.
  12. 12th House: It is the last house, ruling the endings in your life and what you want to discover about yourself.


During a crisis, dilemma, and concern and to know what lies in the future, the art of astrology and tarot cards can give people some comfort and vital information.

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