Detailed  Rules of Playing Phỏm  for Newbies at Games

Rules of playing Phỏm is a topic of great interest in the online select world. This 52-card game possesses many outstanding advantages that make it difficult for players to ignore. Let’s learn details about how to play Phỏm through the following article by  Jun 88.

A few words about Phỏm

In essence, the Phỏm card game has many similarities with the Vietnamese 3-card scratch card game. This game also uses a deck of 52 cards with each person being dealt 3 cards. Whoever has the highest score from 0 to 9 will win. Difference of Phỏm card game rules It’s just a few ways to pay prizes, draw cards, and place bets.

Bets and payout rates in Phỏm

Rules of playing Phỏm There are 3 main select options for players to choose from: Player, Banker and Tie. In addition, players can also choose a number of side bets such as even, odd, over/under, Con Long Bao, Cai Long Bao, perfect pair…

When you choose Banker, you will win when the dealer has a higher score than the player and has a payout ratio of 1 to 0.95, with full winning being 1 to 1. In case the two sides are tied, then Phỏm card game rules bets will be refunded to the player.

When choosing the winning house, the odds are the same and you will also receive a refund if both sides have equal scores. If you choose the correct Draw, the payout ratio will be 1 to 8.

In addition, the payout rates for some other doors are regulated accordingly Phỏm card game rules To be:

  • Pair: The player wins when the dealer’s first 2 cards are a pair and the payout ratio is 1 to 11.
  • Double: The player wins if the player’s first 2 cards are a pair and the odds are also 1 to 11.

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How to calculate Phỏm points

The dealer will deal 2 cards to each side and the total score of these 2 cards will determine the next steps of the game. If you draw cards from 2 to 9, the number of points will be determined as on the card, while the Ace is counted as 1 point. Rules of playing Phỏm It is stipulated that the cards from J to K will all have the same score of 10.

After receiving 2 cards, the dealer and dealer will add points. The exact number of points will be taken in the units place (17 points is counted as 7 points), while a round score such as 10 or 20 will be counted as 0 points.

Rules for drawing the third card in Phỏm

The feature of drawing the third card is what makes it unique Phỏm card game rules. However, it is not always possible to draw this card in a Phỏm bet.

For Players

With the Player hand, the third card will be drawn when the total score is between 1 and 5. If the player’s score is 6 or 7, no more draws are allowed. In case the score is 8 or 9, the player wins by default.

For Bankers

Drawing the third card for the Banker hand is more complicated than in Phỏm card game rules:

If the total score is from 0 to 2, the dealer will draw a third card. In case the Banker has 3 points in the first turn but the Player has from 1 to 7 or 9 points, the Banker will draw another card. When the Banker has 4 points and the Player has a score from 2 to 7, the Banker will also be able to draw a third card. But in case the player has a score of 0, 1, 8 or 9, the Banker will not be able to draw.

The dealer will draw a third card when he has 5 points while the player only has 1 point or from 4 to 7 points. In addition, the Banker also has the right to draw more when he has 6 points and the Player has a score from 6 to 7. In case the Banker gets 7 points, he will stop select to compare cards. If he gets 8 and 9 points, he will win by default.

Experience playing Phỏm is sure to win

With every select game, being equipped with advanced playing tips will help you significantly increase your winning rate. With Phỏm card game rules, you can apply some of the following effective strategies:

You should not choose the Draw door

Tie in Phỏm has an extremely attractive payout ratio, up to 1 to 8. This will attract many players and want to win in this door. However, the payout rate is so high because the probability of a draw is very low. select on this door not only causes players to lose large sums of money but also does not gain any experience.

Understand the rules of the game

As with any other game, it comes down to understanding Phỏm card game rules is an important factor to win this 52-card game. In particular, bettors need to clearly understand the principles of drawing the third card and the cases in which they should call or fold.


Rules of playing Phỏm was introduced in detail through the above article by  Jun88. Equip yourself with effective playing tips to have a chance to win this 52-card game and bring home valuable rewards.

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