Decorating Your Living Room

If your house is the body, the living room is the face and it sets the tone for the rest of the house. The style of this room reflects the personality of the homeowner. It is the room that is visible to visitors and is generally designed more tastefully than the rest of the rooms. Living room, although a part of your home, is the space that is constantly on display. How many times would you think before picking out a carpet for living room?

Let us look at some ways to decorate your living room.

Walls –  Exposed brick and white walls are the newer trends gripping the designing world. White walls can be boring but reflect light and make the room look airy and big. The advantage of a light-colored wall is that it can be decorated as per your wish. Floating shelves, a colorful painting, or a bold color used in the soft furnishings can add a pop of color. Adding textural accents like a jute rug or rattan furniture can make the living room look cozier.

Decorative pieces – A touch of metallic gold (wall mirror) can add a glam quotient to the room. A flower vase with some freshly plucked colorful flowers can add an element of freshness to the room. Adding candle-holders, figurines, artifacts, and even magazines or newspapers on the coffee table can make it look better. Adding side tables at the end of the sofa provides more space for eatables to be served as well as provide a bigger canvas to display your collection of art.

Aquarium or fish tank– How about watching fishes of different colors swimming in an aquarium the whole day? An aquarium will let you create an ambiance that will keep you many steps ahead of your peers in terms of home décor. You can’t let the fish and the aquarium have a dark space to fit in. As the light works for humans, these living beings crave light and oxygen similarly. Led aquarium light is permissible and in most cases, it works flawlessly as only the combination of the red and blue spectrum is required in the aquarium.  Having rocks, pebbles and other marine life inside your aquarium will help you create an ultra-modern look inside your home. Don’t worry about feeding the fish when you are out since holiday meals are available that can keep them fed for weeks. An aquarium is a sign of prosperity and keeping it inside your home attracts prosperity.

Plants and planters – Indoor plants are all the rage right now. Besides this, they are extremely easy to care for as they require minimum attention. If you are an experienced plant parent then a bonsai can be a great addition to your collection. For beginners, ferns or succulents can be used to start.  The artistic planters available in the market will serve as decorative pieces as well.

Sofa and coffee table – The primary pieces of furniture in the room are the sofa and chairs along with the coffee table. If you are an avid collector then an antique table can complement the rest of your collection nicely. If you are more inclined towards the modern interior, then having a seating arrangement as per that will accentuate the tone. For rooms with weird angles, L-shaped or U-shaped sofas can be considered. The furnishings and the cushions used on the sofas can dramatically affect the mood of a room.

Lighting – The living room is generally the largest room in the house. An ideal living room should be well-lit and should not have dark corners. Lighting can be used to highlight an art piece or an accent wall. Hanging lights can add a little warmth to your room. Lanterns or chandeliers are art and don’t need any embellishments.

The process of perfecting your living room might be tiring, but it is rewarding. So, why wait to start decorating?

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