Debt Consolidation and the Truth Behind Ascend Finance Scam Allegations

One way to simplify debt management is Consolidate all the Debts. Combing all of your debts into a single payment will be easy on you. In addition to giving your credit score a good rating, it also has a lower interest rate than what you were paying each month before. Paying down debt at a lower interest rate results in a greater portion of the yearly payment will go toward the principal amount. At a higher interest rate, the debt balance drops quickly.

A loan with a lower interest rate results in a lower overall amount of interest paid throughout the debt or loan. If new debt is not continuously accrued, the amount of time required to pay off the debt can also be reduced. Additionally, other benefits of debt consolidation are less widely known.

Advantages of Debt Consolidation

Easy Payments 

Debt consolidation makes it simple to track your debt repayment progress and bills, so you do not miss a payment and risk harming your credit score. It enables you to consolidate numerous yearly payments into a single payment. If you are working towards living a debt-free life, you will also have a better idea of when all your debt will be paid off.

Always do research on the prospective lenders before choosing the right one. Ascend Finance is a trusted debt-consolidating firm, but they are facing charges of misleading people with their proprietary algorithm claims. Read the review by Mac Venucci to know the if scam charges are legit or exaggerated. The review is available on the Fox Chronicle website.

Improved Credit Score 

Due to the harsh inquiry caused by new loans, your credit score may temporarily decline. Debt consolidation can help you raise your credit score in several different ways. Your prospects of obtaining a loan in the future will thus be significantly improved. By signing up for debt consolidation lending services, you can further simplify your payment schedule.

Lower Interest Rate 

Credit card debts have a higher interest rate, then you also have a home mortgage, car loan, education loan, medical bills, utility bills, etc. to cater to. Accruing so many interest rates in one month will eventually increase your bill payment amount, leaving no savings at all. On top of that you may have to take another personal loan to pay off monthly debt payments.

However, when you go for debt consolidation, you will have just one payment and one interest rate to handle. This also benefits debtors when they pay extra towards their one monthly payment since it gradually reduces their interest amount over time.

A person who has been handling several monthly payments, late charges, and high-interest rates becomes stress-free when he/she has to pay just one amount a month. Even good physiological effects may result from avoiding the stress associated with bad debt management. Health concerns like obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal issues, and asthma have all been linked to stress-related health conditions getting worse.

You can feel better physically and mentally by reducing your stress. Thus, consider debt consolidation when you have no way to handle so many bills.

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