David Cates – Why You Should Always Ask About Medical Malpractice

Thankfully the number of cases each year are very much on the small side but that doesn’t mean that medical malpractice doesn’t exist at all. In fact there are still far too many cases with regards to this each year. This for example is why you have legal teams like that run by David Cates, who specialize in medical incidents and medical malpractice claims.

There are still many people however who do not come forward when they think that they have been the victim of an incident and that is something which needs to change. This is not to say that your will always have a case, but if you suspect some level of foul play it is critical that you seek out some legal support.

You May Have a Case

The first point to mention here is that the large majority of people who believe that they have been a victim of medical malpractice, have in fact not been. The sad reality of the situation is that mistakes are made in a hospital setting all of the time, which could result in permanent problems or even loss of life. This however is just the way that things are, and these mistakes don’t mean that malpractice has taken place. With this being said, you may very well have a case here and it will be important that you bring it to the attention of a legal team.

Prevention in the Future

If you do have a case for medical malpractice then it is your responsibility to bring it forward and to actually do something about it. If you are able to identify a medical professional who didn’t follow what they were supposed to do or who was acting unprofessionally then you can prevent them from causing issues in the future. This is one of the main reasons why these cases have to happen, because in most cases we see an issue repeat itself when a certain professional’s actions are ignored.

Getting Compensation

Compensation has become something of a dirty word, and that is because of the way that people have gone about claiming it in the past. The reality however is that if you are limited in what you can do, if you have lost a loved one or if you have had your life negatively impacted because of malpractice, you deserve some level of compensation. There is no amount of money which will make up for what has happened to you, but that is not to say that you shouldn’t be financially supported if you are unable to work or continue life as you once could.

The reality is that you may not have a case, but it is always worth asking. If you do have a case then your taking it forward could help to protect patients in the future and it can also greatly help to weed out poor professionals in the healthcare industry.

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