Current Wedding Trends to Know

When it comes to weddings, the long-standing traditions will always have place and many brides and grooms still choose to honor them. However, the tide is turning as more and more couples are looking for unique and affordable ways to marry. Wedding trends are shifting away from traditional weddings with a large wedding party and expensive venue, towards intimate ceremonies at home or in the great outdoors. Many are also choosing to marry abroad with a select number of family members and close friends. Here are just some of the latest trends that are becoming more and more popular:

1. Casual dress codes

While some couples still want a traditional ceremony in a white gown and a tuxedo, many younger couples prefer casual attire. Common options include jeans or slacks and a button-down shirt for men and a short hemline dress, suits or separates of a skirt and elegant top for women. Many couples are also choosing locations that have a relaxed dress code such as a beach or lake instead of a formal banquet hall.

2. Destination weddings

Couples are now opting to elope as a way of making their wedding day special without all of the stress and expense of a big celebration. They also choose small wedding ceremonies in foreign locations that take place in an intimate setting with friends and family rather than a large formal affair with hundreds of guests.

With that there has also been an increase in the number of couples hiring a wedding planner to assist with the arrangements in the build up to the big day. For example, a wedding planner for Italy will have the knowledge and experience to help a couple realise their dream wedding whether that is lakeside in Como, in the Tuscan countryside or along the along the stunning Amalfi Coast.

Couples are often using the convenience of destination weddings to bring their culture with them. For many couples, that includes a traditional ketubah signing ceremony. The ketubah is an enduring legal document, serving as a written commitment between the bride and groom. According to tradition, the marriage contract is publicly read aloud before witnesses at the wedding celebration itself. It is a wonderful way for couples getting married in faraway locations to still keep meaningful elements of their home culture present in their nuptials.

3. Smaller guest lists

The traditional long wedding guest list has been shrinking in recent years as more people host smaller weddings and invite fewer people to their weddings. Instead, most couples invite their immediate family and a few close friends to their ceremonies rather than their entire extended family and coworkers. This allows them to have a more personal and intimate ceremony with their nearest and dearest without having to worry about accommodating a large guest list. It’s also much more affordable.

4. Personal wedding websites

There has been a great increase in the number of companies offering a service to host a personalized wedding website. Couples are sending wedding invites as usual then providing details of the wedding online. Couples can share information such as wedding events, accommodation for travelling guests, dress code, and wedding registry. Guests can use this resource for all the details and to RSVP.

5. Dessert tables

According to caterers, many couples are turning their backs on the traditional tiered wedding cake in favor of other dessert options, including dessert Table numbers for weddings with an entire selection of sweet treats, donut walls or a cake of delicious cheeses instead of sponge. The cake is often forgotten about as the celebrations roll on so these options can be served as part of the meal and offer a fun alternative.


It is evident that wedding trends are always evolving and changing. Nowadays, it’s all about making the wedding your own and creating a unique and memorable experience for you and your partner to share with family and friends. The most important thing is that you have fun celebrating your love together.

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