Crucial Factors to Consider When Buying Egg Incubator in Kenya

When it comes to eggs incubation, farmers often make use of hatching machines and increase productivity. These incubators come in different sizes and qualities. Before buying an incubator, you must know properly about egg handling.

Some dealers get to familiarize new farmers with the incubators as an after-sale service. This helped them a lot. This article highlights the factors that you must consider when buying these incubators.

1. The capacity

A large-scale farmer would require a more prominent incubator, while a small-scale farmer needs a small-sized or medium-sized incubator. The number of eggs an incubator carries is essential, as the farmer can choose which size to buy depending on his production. The larger the size, the more eggs it holds for hatching.

2. Quality of material

The material used to make the incubator should be of good quality. The farmer is assured of getting the best long-lasting service. A less-quality material, on the hand, seems cheaper, but the farmer spends more because it wears out in a short time.

The material should be transparent to maximize comfort for the eggs and minimize farmer disruption. The transparent cover lets the farmer keep a constant eye over the brood.

Buy incubators whose spare parts are easy to access. The farmer can easily access spare parts in case replacement is needed. Imported incubators give the farmers a hard time accessing spare parts when it needs replacement.

3. Automatic Operation

The temperature setting should be programmed so that it stabilizes, and in case of high or low temperatures, it should alert the farmer effortlessly. It should have a turner system that automatically rotates the eggs, ensuring that temperature is equally distributed around the incubator.

Buy incubators with unique features that would enable you to check the egg development and the viability of the eggs.

Look for incubators that have rollers that will keep turning the eggs for proper distribution of temperature and humidity.

4. Price

The incubator price Kenya varies in size and quality. Automatic incubators are more expensive than manual incubators. High-quality automatic incubators are more costly than those made by the Jua kali artisans, which are made from cheap materials.

Some dealers offer to hire purchase sales; this is an advantage for new farmers starting their venture into an egg-hatching business.

5. Warranty

You should purchase incubators that come with a service warranty. It assures the farmer of getting services if it needs repair for a long time.

6. Power back-up

It should be able to maintain heat in case of a power outage. The model should be in a way that it can be connected to a battery just in case there is a power outage. Some of them use solar power batteries, a convenient way to save on electricity use.


The chicken business has become Kenyan’s favorite business and has succeeded. Modern technology has favored chicken farmers. They can now increase chicken production and meet people’s demand for chicken meat hence more sales for chicken business people.

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