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When a fan or bettor becomes interested in cricket, there is a difficult question of choosing his favorite. After all, this is one of the most famous sports played by more than half of the world, which means that the number of clubs and national teams is simply huge. Moreover, some of them can participate only in a limited number of competitions, while all possible championships and tournaments are open to others. The materials describing the cricket teams on will help you to make up your mind. Here is stored and constantly updated information about national teams and home clubs, which will definitely be useful to both bettors and just fans of this sport.

How are cricket teams divided on

The International Cricket Council currently includes 104 countries. This means that 104 national cricket teams worldwide hold various matches and competitions all year round. But before you get carried away with a particular team or place a bet, we recommend that you study the division and cricket teams on After all, tactics, coaching staff, and team’s line-up, as well as forecasts for future games, depend on the format in which the national team can perform.

There are 2 types of meetings:

  • those who have the right to play in test matches (3-5 days);
  • only meetings with a limited number of overs (up to 40 or 100).

Only 12 countries that are permanent members of the International Cricket Council can field squads for participation in the first type of games. They have national teams prepared specifically for long meetings lasting up to 5 days. At the same time, they can also be sent to other formats, although usually, the composition has to be changed somewhat. Due to the desire of the country to perform in different formats, the national teams often have several squads and even different captains: one for test matches, the second for a limited number of overs.

Countries that can participate in full matches:

  • Afghanistan.
  • Bangladesh.
  • India.
  • New Zealand.
  • South Africa.
  • West Indies.
  • Australia.
  • England.
  • Ireland.
  • Pakistan.
  • Sri Lanka.
  • Zimbabwe.

Test matches are only available for men’s national teams. Women’s squads are allowed only to meetings with a limited number of overs, as they are considered insufficiently hardy to participate in such a long game.

Even though only 12 teams out of 104 are allowed to the first format, and one-day cricket is considered more spectacular, the country’s participation in test matches is very prestigious. The last changes in the composition of the countries allowed to take part in the first format occurred in 2017 when Afghanistan and Ireland were added.

Cricket teams on and information about them

It is not at all interesting to support an initially weak team, as well as to make a bet on it. But even Wikipedia does not always have information about cricket clubs, and the openness of edits does not inspire confidence in the published data. Therefore, in addition to general information about the sports discipline, the resource’s employees have prepared a brief reference about each sports team that deserves the attention of viewers and bettors. If you open the cricket team card on, you will be able to get basic information on it:

  1. History of origin and development. All basic information about the club or the national team since its creation. Ups and downs, difficult decisions, and lucky moments.
  2. Available format. The page must indicate which meetings the team can take part in: T20, ODI, and TEST.
  3. Playing composition. Each available format has its own list of players and captains. If there are changes in the team, the data is immediately entered on the site.
  4. Rating. The place occupied by the national team. It also depends on the type of matches.
  5. Coaching staff. Knowing who trains this or that national team, it is easy to predict what tactics will be used on the field.
  6. Interesting facts. Every sports team has at least a few stories they would not like to introduce to the public. However, the resource creators and journalists are not so easily fooled, so several curious cases are painted literally about each team.
  7. Hall of Fame. This paragraph lists all the prizes with the year and place of conquest the team earned during its existence. Also the star line-ups and players who brought the club the most points and popularity are noted.

Whether you are an enthusiastic fan of the game, a careful bettor, or just a keen amateur, information about cricket teams and national teams will be interesting and valuable for you. Go to the website to get brief information about your favorite and its opponent and make exceptionally profitable deals.

Cricket teams on FAQ

What data is there on cricket teams on

The history of its origin, development path, and tactics and techniques used. Also, the composition of players and coaches for each format, interesting facts, and behind-the-scenes stories can be found on the website.

Who should study cricket teams on

The information will be interesting to fans of the game and bettors who can use it to make money.

What other useful things besides cricket teams on, are there on the site?

The resource contains a huge amount of information about this sport, as well as promo codes for which you can get bonuses and gifts from trusted bookmakers.

Title: Cricket teams on history, composition, place in the ranking.

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