Create a Tapestry for Your Soul Mate This Valentine’s Day!

Create a tapestry for your special someone this Valentine’s Day to keep them close, even when you’re apart.

Tapestries create an intimate atmosphere in any bedroom; create one for yours today by following these easy step-by-steps:

First make sure you have all the materials needed. The list is as follows: needle & yarn (in your chosen color), cardboard (a cereal box will work fine). A-frame, if desired (if you don’t have one, don’t worry about it!), scissors and tape.

Step One:

Layout your piece of cardboard and fold the upper half over so that it covers the majority of the cardboard, leaving room at the top for hanging purposes.

Step Two:

Get a rough estimation of how much yarn you’ll need to create your pattern by laying lengthwise on the cardboard. Different patterns will require different lengths; just make sure it’s enough to create the desired effect!

Step Three:

Add tape to one end of your folded cardboard so that it doesn’t unravel when you begin your work. Make knots at each side of the taped area to secure it. This will create a barrier so that all of your ends are contained within this taped section instead of having little strands sticking out everywhere. You don’t want them getting in your way or snagging while working with your tapestry!

Step Four:

Tie an initial knot somewhere beneath where the tape is located, leaving a few inches of string away from the taped area.

Step Five:

Make an even row about the length of your piece of cardboard, using single crochet stitches. Repeat until you create a strand that’s long enough to go across the width of your tapestry/cardboard piece.

Repeat Steps Four & Five until you create a row to match this first one, only working in the opposite direction so as to create TWISTED rows with each stitch!

Step Six:

Once you’ve finished creating twisted rows with your yarn and cardboard base, begin making diagonal lines over them by simply moving around and creating new strands on top of these “twisted” rows (see images). These diagonal lines create contours which help create a tapestry-like effect.

Step Seven:

Continue stranding with your yarn until you create a complete pattern that’s to your liking! Continue with vertical and horizontal rows if desired, just are creative. The most important thing is that you enjoy it!

Step Eight:

Once you’ve completed creating a tapestry of your own design with the yarn of your choice, secure the end by making another knot beneath where the tape is located on top of whatever color strands create the outline for your finished product. This will create a tight barrier so that all of those loose ends tucked away from view won’t come undone anytime soon. Secure any other loose ends as well by taping them down or fabric glue to hold them in place.

Step Nine:

Hang your tapestry in your bedroom to create the perfect atmosphere, snuggle up with your SO and enjoy!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Make sure you create all of your twisted strands by moving in the same direction before creating diagonal lines over these rows when working on top of them. This will create a sense of unity throughout the piece so that it doesn’t look like someone just created random lines with yarn without any rhyme or reason. You want each strand to create a cohesive overall picture
  • Remember, if you have an A-frame, you can hang this from there to create a better effect. If necessary, create a hanging mechanism so you can display as well (hooks work well)
  • Don’t create too many diagonal lines; you want to create a tapestry with your own unique design so that it isn’t a carbon copy of someone else’s work. You can create as few or as many lines as you’d like, just be creative and have fun!

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