Convert Article to Video Using Mango Animate Text Video Maker

With the increase in the popularity of digital animation, a wide range of programs and new and software are now available. You can create a great article to video using Mango Animate Text Video Maker.

Whether you are working on your professional-level animations or want to discover the opportunities in digital design, there is plenty of article to video converters that can help you convert your articles to videos easily.

Mango Animate Text Video Maker is well designed and simple to use software that enables you to create simple, unique videos by converting article to video. It is suitable for newbies because it provides access to hundreds of animated features in addition to numerous other animation elements.

This article to video converter software is excellent for educational or training purposes as well as design practice for your digital design.

Features of Mango Animate Text Video Maker

Some of the amazing features of Mango animate text video maker are listed below/

Motion Typography Formats

We can use the motion graphics suite to convert your written articles into beautiful animated videos, then optimize them for social media. Select one of the following modes: Random, MV, or Subtitle. Click on the ‘Set aspect ratio’ and change the aspect ratio instantly.

Animated Cartoon Characters

To add fun and memorable cartoon characters or story narrators to your text. Simply type in text and choose from a large selection of animations and cartoon characters. It will surely go viral.

Free Icon Library

Grow a library of superior and free images to enhance your animated text. Convert any article to video, and we do the proper thumbnail assignments for you. You can create eye-catching graphics in seconds with a short URL.

Add Video Intros & Outros

Make eye-catching text animation for your typography intro and outro. Use your pictures, videos, etc. Extend animations and graphics freely. Impress and influence your audience immediately

How it Works

Mango animate text video maker can convert any article to video. Let’s dive in and have a look how you can use it to convert your articles to amazing videos.

Choose a Style

There are two choices: Choose a kinetic video style or set your video to kinetic typography and start working with a template.

Convert Text to Video

Text can be added/converted/imported, video preferences can be set, and videos can be instantly adapted to a blog format.

Animate and Customize

Use free assets like free fonts, images, typography animations, and backgrounds to make your kinetic typography video stand out.

Export and Share

Make sure to save your typeface in the media formats below animated GIF, PNG, JPEG, or both. Share it on Tiktok, Instagram, or upload it to YouTube or any other video-sharing platform you choose.

When you are looking for a very user-friendly piece of article to video program that comes with a wide range of features included to help you create, Mango animate text video maker is an incredible option. This converter is great for educators to the small business owners to the amateur entertainers.

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