Confident Shipping Made Easy – Dive Into the World of Protective Bubble Mailers

Bubble shipping mailers are ideal tools for businesses looking to safely ship lightweight, small, and fragile items to their customers. Despite their common use, a lot of businesses know little about how to use bubble mailers correctly. That’s right; bubble shipping mailers are available in different types, each having distinctive functions. Moreover, the range of sizes available is enough to confuse any company.

In this guide, we will explore bubble shipping mailers, their needs, types, and other considerations to help you find the right packaging for your needs.

Do I Need Bubble Mailers?

First things first, identify the need. Do you need bubble mailers? Are they suitable for your products? Can they provide adequate protection? Aside from answering these questions, you can consider the following points when assessing whether something can be shipped in bubble shipping mailers:

  • Weight and size – bubble mailers are generally used for lightweight, small items. If you are dealing with products like candles, soaps, and shampoos, cardboard boxes are the ideal choice. Moreover, your product should be snugly fitted in the cushioned mailer; otherwise, you might have to customize them, which can cost extra.
  • Thickness – although bubble shipping mailers are available in multiple sizes, it is not easy to fit bulky items without ripping the material. Thus, if your item is flat, use paper bubble mailers. If slightly bulky, use poly mailers.
  • Fragility – No matter how padded, bubble mailers cannot protect high-value, fragile items. Thus, don’t use them for glass products or fragile electronics.

Which Bubble Mailer Type to Use

Bubble shipping mailers are made from different materials, all varying in functionality. Here’s a quick overview to help you find the best option for your products.

  • Poly mailers – plastic interior and exterior, used for light to medium-weight items, have self-sealing options. Protects products from the external environment. They are durable and reliable but not eco-friendly.
  • Paper mailers – made from kraft paper, used for highly lightweight items. They are available in multiple types, some with padded cushioning and some with a poly interior. Inexpensive and biodegradable. However, they don’t offer much protection.
  • Metallic mailers – made from metallic film, highly durable, used for high-value lightweight items that can be easily damaged due to moisture or water. They are not recyclable.

How to Measure Bubble Mailers

When choosing bubble shipping mailers, especially the likes of The Boxery, you need to consider two dimensions, the exterior size, and the interior usable size. With mailers having a protective lining, like bubbles, on the inside, they can slightly change the interior and exterior dimensions.

The exterior dimensions will determine the shipping cost, whereas the interior dimensions will ensure your product safely fits inside – not too tight and not too loose. Bubble mailers come in multiple standard sizes, each for a different product type, such as:

  • Usable size

○ 12.5 in. x 18 in. – used for photos, documents, and textbooks.

○ 8.5 in. x 11 in. – used for graphic novels, journals, etc.

○ 6 in. x 9 in. – used for CDs and photos.


Whether you are shipping products for your business or sending gifts to your loved ones, bubble shipping mailers are an important shipping tool. It can help you save shipping costs and safely deliver products to the recipient.

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