Commercial Air Conditioning – Types, Uses, and More

Irrespective of whether you are running a shopping mall, a commercial office building, a restaurant, or an educational institution – air conditioning is a must.

From reduced energy bills, increased efficiency, effective maintenance to improved flexibility, the benefits that a commercial air conditioner brings to the table are plenty.

But not every commercial AC unit is the same. Depending on whether your needs are on a residential, industrial, or retail level, the options that you get to choose from will vary extensively.

This post will delve deep into the different types of commercial air conditioners and their uses. Stay glued till the end!

Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Units

The different air conditioners that you’ll primarily find in commercial buildings are vary from each other on several grounds like function, build, design, and efficiency:

The single-split system

The single-split AC unit is ideal if your retail space is small or medium-sized, like a downtown eatery, café, a one storey business enterprise, and so on. Here’s how this system works: a gas refrigerant gets pumped into a condenser unit.Visit here:  life2news

The gas gets steadily liquified as it moves through the evaporation unit. Once there, a series of expansions and contractions facilitates the gas-liquid and liquid-gas transformations, creating a temperature difference.

There are many advantages associated with a single-split system:

  • Their compact design ensures that they don’t take up much space
  • Pretty much affordable
  • Optimum functional efficiency
  • Easy to maintain

The multi-split system

The multi-split systems perform the same functions as the single-split ones, only on a larger scale. Here’s what you can expect from this system: 4-5 indoor air vents connect to a larger outdoor compression unit. The power cables and connection lines also join here – forming a network for facilitating cooling.

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The indoor lines are connected to a heat pump that absorbs heat from the interiors. If aesthetic appeal is essential to you, you needn’t worry, as you won’t have to compromise on anything.

VRF system

Does your commercial property have extensive heating and cooling requirements? If yes, then a VRF system might be right for you. This commercial air conditioning unit’s heat recovery model is designed to heat a specific area while cooling a different location.

On the other hand, a heat pump model can only perform one function, i.e., heating or cooling, at once.

You won’t have to worry about any circuit overload in both cases, as the systems are designed to withstand all that.

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The cassette air conditioning system

This one is slightly different from the others on the list. With multiple air-swing support modes, the cassette air conditioners ensure that every nook and corner is well-cooled in a uniform manner.

What’s more, they come in uber-cool designs and with LED functionality, making them a rather lucrative option. Get them installed at the critical spots, and allow them to work their magic!

Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap! This post was all about commercial air conditioning. If you run a small establishment, a single-split system or a cassette commercial AC unit will do just fine. Depending on what’s more suitable, you can opt for a multi-split system or a VRF one for larger establishments.

In addition to the ones discussed above, you can also consider the duct-based air conditioning systems and the rooftop air conditioners.

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