Classic Wigs for Woman: U Part Wig & Bob Wig

U Part Wig

The U Part Wig is for those women who are suffering the hair loss and searching for asimple choice for styling the hair, for them the choice is the U Part Wig. This is the special wig for stylish women. Any kind of experimental style and side installation can be possible with the wig.

How to Install the U Part Wig

Making some cornrows, make some braids and side the hair in part and make space for the wig.

Clipping with the natural and wig hair both. Five clips for the cap construction, three clips for the part side, and in the back, you have to use the two clips.

U Part Wig has adjustable straps to hold the wig on the scalp or head. For the long piece, you have to put it on the backside.

To lay down the wig hair, you have to heat up for straightening. Then blending the scalp hair and U Part Wig as your style demand.

Bob Wigs

In the 1920s the bob hair got popular. The women adopted this style for its simplicity and comfort look. Many wig companies then started making the wig as the name of Bob Wigs which was the prototype of bob cut hairstyle. After that, the popularity of this famous hair cut wig never stopped. 

You will use the Bob Wigs for its diversity and stylish feature. Any kind of size you can manage from any part of the world.Many women from the entertainment industry and the noblewomen like this gorgeous wig.

How to Install the Bob Wigs

This is the simpliest job to set up the Bob Wigs on the scalp. With some of the hair clips and the strap of the wig easily anyone can wear this. You have to just remember the straightening part that makes straight up with the scalp. Then if you want to blend the wig hair with the natural hair to look authentic.

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