Choosing the Right Insurance for Your Maruti Car

Whether you own a Maruti car or any other manufacturer’s car, you need to have a car insurance policy for your four-wheeler as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. 

However, beyond fulfilling legal obligations, Maruti insurance offers financial safety to vehicle owners against various unforeseen situations.

In this guide, we will learn in detail about the various types of car insurance plans you can purchase for your Maruti car and how you can choose the right Maruti car insurance.

Types of Maruti Car Insurance Plans

Maruti, being the top car manufacturing company in India, offers a diverse range of cars catering to different tastes, preferences, and driving needs. Considering that, there are different types of Maruti insurance policies available, that meet the insurance needs of Maruti car owners. 

  • Third-Party Car Insurance: Third-party Maruti car insurance is mandatory by the law. This type of car insurance policy provides financial coverage to you against physical and property damages to third parties by your insured Maruti car. The plan also covers the medical cost in case of physical injuries, disabilities, etc, to third parties.
  • Own Damage Car Insurance: Another Maruti insurance policy is own damage car insurance, which is a standalone policy that can be purchased with third-party insurance. This plan provides coverage only to the insured party in case of accidental damage, loss, or theft. 

If you already have third-party car insurance, you can increase your car’s protection by taking this additional policy.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: This type of car insurance policy offers comprehensive benefits to vehicles, and it includes third-party and own damage cover. With riders or add-ons, vehicle owners can further enhance their vehicle protection under a comprehensive car insurance plan.

How to Choose the Right Maruti Insurance Policy

When it comes to Maruti insurance renewal or purchase, several factors need to be considered for making an informed decision:

  • Understand the Coverage: The most crucial factor to consider while choosing Maruti insurance is understanding your coverage. Instead of going with a cheap plan with limited coverage, go for one that offers extensive protection to vehicles against various damages. 
  • Compare Plans Online: Do not rush to purchase the first car policy you come across. Before purchasing a car insurance policy, it is prudent to compare various policies available. It is best to compare Maruti insurance online based on coverage and premium. You can use online calculators to find you the best car insurance at the lowest price. 
  • Include Add-on You Want: Add-ons or insurance riders are voluntary offerings by the insurance provider that offers targeted and enhanced coverage as per the requirement. While purchasing the plan, choose the add-on carefully based on your needs. However, remember that these riders come at an additional cost, so pick them wisely.
  • Check Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR): Another factor to check while choosing Maruti car insurance is the claim settlement ratio. A high claim settlement ratio means an insurance provider is reliable and has a decent track record of settling claims. Therefore, opt for an insurer with a high CSR.
  • Check Network Garages: Network garages are garages that have partnered with insurance providers to offer cashless repair services to policyholders. Before buying a car insurance policy, check if the insurance company has a network garage in your area.


Choosing a car insurance policy for a Maruti car can be overwhelming. However, by understanding your requirements, comparing the insurance plans, and considering the aspects mentioned above, you can choose the right Maruti insurance policy.

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