Cellulite Treatment London

Cellulite is a skin condition that appears as a dimpled appearance on the lower legs and buttocks. It’s caused by a combination of expanding fat cells and tethered fibrous bands that run perpendicular to the skin’s surface.

It’s a common problem for women and men of all shapes and sizes. Treatments can reduce its appearance and improve confidence.

Dr Nyla’s Medispa Mayfair

Dr Nyla’s Medispa Mayfair is a luxurious clinic in the heart of leafy Mayfair, London. This cosmopolitan base is home to a team of experts who specialise in a range of cosmetic treatments.

Cellulite is a very common beauty concern that affects a lot of women. While it’s not a life-threatening condition, it can have a negative effect on self-esteem.

The problem is that the fat cells in the connective tissues can become enlarged and bulging, which causes a bumpy appearance to skin. This treatment aims to treat the cause of this by reducing the size of these cells, making them easier to get rid of.

BTL Unison is a revolutionary new Cellulite treatment London that works on the deeper layers of the skin to target weakened collagen fibres, enlarged fat cells, poor blood flow and lymphatic drainage. This treatment encourages the body to produce more collagen and promotes better blood flow to these areas.

Exilis Elite

Exilis Elite is an advanced skin tightening treatment that works across the body from head to toe. It combines radio frequency and ultrasound to tighten skin and melt fat cells to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

This advanced body sculpting device has been clinically proven to treat loose skin and fat on the arms, chest, stomach, back, thighs and calves. The radiofrequency energy breaks down fat cells, so they can be naturally flushed out of the body via the lymphatic system, providing permanent results.

The device also stimulates collagen production to improve the tone and texture of your skin. Its unique cooling feature means it never feels painful or uncomfortable.

Most patients are able to see and feel the effects of the treatment within a few days. Depending on your requirements, a course of 4 to 6 treatments can be scheduled one or two weeks apart.

M22 Treatment

The M22 laser is an industry-leading, multi-application system that is capable of treating more than 30 unique skin conditions. Whether it be age spots, freckles, broken blood vessels, spider veins or acne scars – Dr Hiba can help you achieve a smoother, healthier appearance to your skin.

Photo rejuvenation procedures rely on the body’s remarkable ability to eradicate hyperpigmentation and age spots, whilst stimulating collagen production, elastin fibres and growth factors to improve skin tone. The deep dermal layers of the skin are home to these elements, which are activated by heat and light energy.

The Stellar M22TM PhotofractionalTM treatment offers a combination of IPL and ResurFXTM non-ablative skin resurfacing, which allows your doctor to treat pigmentation, fine lines, age/sun spots and acne scars simultaneously with remarkable results. The resurfacing treatments use a state-of-the-art CoolScanTM scanner for non-sequential scanning to protect your skin tissues from overheating during the treatment process. This helps to keep your comfort max and reduces downtime.


One of the most popular non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments available, ResurFX London is a fractional laser system that delivers remarkable results for younger, healthier and glowing skin. It works gently over time to deliver subtle improvements in fine lines, skin texture and overall skin appearance, while keeping your comfort and downtime minimal.

ResurFX is a state-of-the-art non-ablative laser system that stimulates collagen production in the deeper layers of skin. This reduces the appearance of scars, wrinkles and uneven skin tone caused by sun damage.

It also improves vascular/pigment conditions such as age spots, birthmarks and port-wine stains. It can be combined with IPL to treat a variety of concerns including rosacea, periorbital wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

The ResurFX system uses a matrix of microscopic laser beams that are the size of a human hair to drill into the skin, leaving most of the surrounding tissue intact. This promotes rapid healing, stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen and encouraging new skin tissue to grow.

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