Can I Buy A Professional L5p Removal Kit At Spelab?

So you’ve decided it’s time to remove that stubborn l5p tattoo you got back in the day. No judgment here—we’ve all made some questionable ink decisions in our youth. The good news is professional l5p removal kits are now available for at-home use, giving you the power to erase your tattoo mistake in the privacy of your own home. Before you rush out to buy the first kit you see, though, there are a few things you should know.

What Is an L5P Delete Kit?

An L5P delete kit allows you to safely and thoroughly remove the emissions components on a Duramax L5P diesel engine.

  1. The kit will include everything you need to delete the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, diesel particulate filter (DPF), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). This means removing the EGR valve, EGR cooler, DPF filter, DOC, DEF tank, DEF injector, and SCR catalyst.
  2. With the emissions systems removed, your L5P will breathe better, produce more power, and get better fuel economy. The EGR and DPF in particular are known to reduce performance and decrease reliability. Deleting them is a popular mod for increased power and dependability.
  3. Be aware that deleting emissions components will make your vehicle no longer street legal. You’ll only be able to drive it off-road or on private property. Also, deleting may void your factory warranty. However, many owners feel the trade-off in performance and reliability is worth it.
  4. An L5P delete kit will include detailed instructions to remove all the necessary emissions parts. However, this is an advanced job best left to a skilled mechanic with experience working on modern diesels. If you’re not highly mechanically inclined, it’s best to pay a professional to install the kit for you.
  5. Once deleted and tuned, your L5P will transform into the powerful, efficient workhorse you’ve always wanted. Be prepared to fall in love with your Duramax all over again!

Where to Buy a Professional L5P Delete Kit

So you’re ready to take your l5p to the next level, huh? Buying a professional delete kit is the way to go. You have a few options for where to find one.

Online Retailers

Your best bet is to check popular sites like Spelab, ModdedCartel or XtremeDiesels. They offer delete kits for most major brands at reasonable prices. Look for kits specifically for your l5p’s model year that include everything you need, like exhaust components, EGR valve, DPF filter and DEF tank. Read reviews to find a reputable brand and seller.

Local Performance Shops

Performance diesel shops in your area may sell delete kits and do installations. Stop by or give them a call to check availability and pricing. They can also handle the installation for you, if you prefer to have the pros tackle it. The benefit of buying local is supporting small businesses in your community and the ability to see the products in person.

Private Sellers

You may find individuals selling delete kits on sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or eBay. Be very cautious going this route, as you don’t have the same buyer protection as with reputable retailers. Make sure you can inspect the kit before purchasing. Private sellers may have lower prices, but higher risks.

In the end, you have to weigh the pros and cons of each option for your needs and budget. With the right kit and proper installation, deleting your l5p will unlock its true performance potential. Happy shopping and good luck with your build!

Our Top Pick: The Spelab L5P Delete Kit

The Spelab L5P Delete Kit is our top recommendation for safely and effectively deleting your Duramax L5P emissions system. This kit includes everything you need to legally remove the emissions equipment on your L5P Duramax.

Complete Delete Kit

The Spelab kit comes with a full exhaust system, intake, tuner, and all necessary hardware to remove the diesel particulate filter (DPF), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve, and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). It allows your L5P to breathe better and make more power.

High Quality Components

All parts in the Spelab kit are high quality, name brand components like MBRP exhaust, S&B intake, and an EZ LYNK tuner. These brands are known for performance and durability. The kit produces excellent sound with the MBRP exhaust and maximum airflow using the S&B cold air intake.

Easy Installation

The Spelab L5P Delete Kit is designed for easy at-home installation using common tools. All necessary hardware, clamps, and adapters are included. Spelab provides detailed instructions to walk you through the install step-by-step. Deleting your emissions equipment is challenging, but this kit makes it as straightforward as possible.

Improved Performance

By deleting the DPF, SCR, EGR, and DOC, your L5P is able to make more horsepower and torque. The EZ LYNK tuner reprograms your ECU to take advantage of the improved airflow and less restrictive exhaust. Most owners report gains of 75-100 horsepower or more. Your L5P will also run cooler without the excess emissions equipment.

If you’re looking to unlock the full performance potential of your L5P Duramax, the Spelab L5P Delete Kit is the best solution. It provides high quality components, straightforward installation, and major performance improvements. Your L5P will sound better, run cooler, and make more power.

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So there you have it. While l5p removal kits are readily available for purchase online and at many local stores, for the average DIYer, professional-grade kits are typically better left to the pros. Attempting l5p removal yourself without proper training and experience can lead to damage, injury, or worse. If cost is a concern, do some research on reputable local l5p removal companies in your area—you may find affordable and certified experts. Your safety, your property, and your peace of mind are worth the investment. Why risk it when the professionals have the proper tools, training, and expertise to get the job done right the first time? Call in the experts and leave l5p removal to the pros. Your wallet and your home will thank you later.

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